Photos of the Helsingor Maritime Museum next to the "Hamlet Castle" on the shore of the Øresund Strait in Denmark

19.05.2018 611

Learn more about: Museet for Sofart, Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingør, Denmark

The museum (Museet for Søfart) is located next to the "Hamlet Castle", at the narrowest point of the Straits of Øresund in the Danish town of Helsingør. Ferries to the city of Helsingor in Sweden depart every 15 minutes, making up to 125 trips per day. The Helsingor-Helsingborg ferry line is one of the busiest international automobile crossings in the world.

Visitors to the museum who arrived by ferry from Sweden receive a discount on entrance tickets. The museum is located in an abandoned dock and has an outstanding architecture. There is a café and a souvenir shop on premises, various events for children and adults are held. In the surrounding the museum area there are playgrounds for children and picnic areas on the shore of the strait.

Photo: Victoria Krasilshikova.