Denmark with kids: ideas of things to see and do on a family vacation in Northern Europe

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This review covers some of the best places in Denmark, that are worth visiting with kids: Legoland Billund, Vikings Village, Safari Park, Andersen’s House, Hamlet’s Castle, Bon Bon Land, and more.


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The Ribe Viking Village is located in 265 km away from Copenhagen. From April to October, the Viking Center invites visitors to shoot a crossbow, bake bread according to old recipes, attend falcon hunts and workshops. There is also a medieval-styled Play Area for kids. The year-round the Viking Museum features a market square, royal showrooms with knight and princess outfits, a bakery shop, and spears from Viking boats, which kid are allowed to climb in.  


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In Denmark, the motherland of Lego, the Legoland park is located in Billund, 250 km from Copenhagen. At Legoland's Miniland, which is entirely made up of Lego blocks, all structures look real: there are ships in ports, airplanes on runways, knight castles, pirate ships, a polar navigator base, a fire station, etc. The Pirate Waterfalls and other water rides are only open during the summer, and the rest of the attractions are open from the end of March until the end of October.  Legoland is located in just 3 km away from the Billund Airport, so the park is easily accessible to trourists by bus or taxi. Entrance to the park is free for all residents of Legoland Hotel.


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Located next to Legoland and Billund Airport is Lalandia, a large family vacation center with a dome topped waterpark with café and restaurants, an outdoor kids playgrounds, and the Monky Tonky indoor fun zone. There is also a sports complex at Lalandia, as well places to play miniature golf, badminton, foosball, and table tennis. In the summer of 2012, the Winter World Winter Entertainment Center opened up in Lalandia, so visitors can go ice-skating, ski down an artificial slope, climb up a rock wall, and go go-carting. 
The Givskud Zoo and safari-park  is open from the end of March until late fall. Visitors can go for a walk through the zoo or take a car to be greeted by giraffes, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, and monkeys. Visitors can even feed the animals that aren’t dangerous. A visit to the new dinosaur park with more than 40 life-size dinosaurs is included in the ticket price. There are several different playgrounds for kids, where they get to become gold diggers or bakers, play Indians, and jump on big trampolines as well. The safari park is located in 30 km from Billund and 240 km from Copenhagen. 
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In the city of Odense, 150 km from Copenhagen, visitors are invited to visit the Andersen’s House, where the writer spent his childhood. The museum isn’t particularly big and after visiting it, it might be a good idea to go for a walk around town in search of sculptures of various characters from Andersen’s stories: the Steadfast Tin Soldier, Thumbelina in a flower, the flying trunk, wild swans, and a nude king getting dressed in front of a mirror. Also open in Odense is the Danish Railroad Museum with a collection of trains, train cars, and locomotives. There is a play area for kids and Thomas the Train, that takes kids on ride.

An unusual attraction park called the Bon Bon Land opens up during the warm season in the city of Holme-Ostrup (100 km from Copenhagen). All entertainment here reminds visitors of characters from the candy packs from the Bonbon factory: Victor the Water Worm, Henry the Farting Dog, the Wild Boar, merry-go-rounds in the form of an apple core and an octopus, and dogs with huge eyes from the stories of Andersen – the park has a total of 50 strage attractions.   


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In Helsingor (about 35 km from Copenhagen), there are several places worth a family visit. The most famous museum here is the Kronborg Castle where, according to Shakespeare, Hamlet used to live. Open to the public are the royal showrooms, dancing hall, chapel, and casemates with a huge statue of Ogier the Dane, who, accordning to the legend is sleeping, but if danger should threaten Denmark - he will rise to defend it from the enemy.

Old bicycles and automobiles, hi-tech inventions, and steam engines and planes are featured at the Danish Science and Technology Museum. There are exhibits here that visitors are allowed to turn on. Visitors can also climb inside some of the airplanes and cars, and for children there is a playroom with a toy railroad and other entertainment.

Various inhabitants of the sea in the strait between Denmark and Sweden can be seen at Oresund Aquarium. There are aquariums with lobsters and jelly fish, habitat aquariums with a recreated underwater environment, and open “petting” aquariums, where visitors can reach in and touch starfish, mussels, crabs, and sea flowers. At feeding times, children are allowed to assist the aquarium employees.   


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The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in Humlebaek (35 km from Copenhagen). The building features a whole Kids Wing where kids and parents can draw or craft something with their own hands. In the Stories Room, kids read, listen to, and even invent magical stories.

25 km away from Copenhagen in the city of Roskill is the Viking Ship Museum. At this museum visitors can see fragments of Viking boats recovered from the bottom of the sea, and how new ships are built. Kids are also invited to dress up as Vikings. On weekends, willow weaving, wood carving, and sail making workshops take place here, and Viking boat tours start at the pier from May to September.    


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