The AHHAA Science Centre in Tartu, Estonia 2 651

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In the AHHAA interactive Science Centre guests can make their own experiments and check physical laws. In the Technologies Hall they can ride a bike on a slackline, raise themselves with the help of a hawser; in the Living Nature Hall it is possible to explore the ant hill from inside and watch chicken hatching. There are also exhibitions that change every half a year in the centre.


Also there is a Science Theatre, a planetarium, a mirror labyrinth, a flight simulator and science workshops for children in the museum.

Children from 10 to 13 years can participate in the AHHA Night Camp program in Russian, applications are accepted by email. 

A kid's birthday party can be spent in the centre.


There is also a Newton cafe and a souvenir shop here.




07 July 2015
AHHAA, the Fun Science Museum in Tartu, Estonia

AHHAA, the Fun Science Museum in Tartu, Estonia

Munchhausen’s Tower, the Shanghai Building, the Ames Room, Newton’s Apples Tree, a rope that bikes ride on – you can see, touch, and turn on all this breathtaking spectacles along with dozens of other exhibits in the intriguing science center AHHAA in the Estonian city of Tartu. 









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