The Nuku Puppet Theater and Museum in Tallinn, Estonia
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  • The Nuku Puppet Theater and Museum in Tallinn, Estonia
Estonia, Tallinn, Lai 1/Nunne 4
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Thu: 10:00 - 18:00 (Other days)
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1-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-15, 16-18, For parents
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The Nuku Puppet Museum invites kids and adults to meet actors and theatre puppets, participate in puppet-making workshops, and create their own plays. The highlight of the museum is an exhibition of theater puppets, which tells the history of puppet theater in Estonia, as well as in the world. The museum offers activities to toddlers and school-children alike. The puppet theatre performs daily (from Tuesday to Sunday) on its three staged for all ages (including adults). Performances are held in Estonian.


The theater staff believe, that a puppet theatre starts with the notion that everything and anything can be made into a living entity through puppetry. Even love, air, goodness and warmth can be represented with a puppet.


In the Puppetry Museum, visitors can see each of the five most well-known puppet types, the puppets have their own room and stage: the Marionette Room, the Rod and Glove Puppet Room, the Table Puppet Room, and the Body Puppet Room. Kids and adults can learn the stories each puppet and learn how they move and come to life. There are also mechanical puppets and the Wardrobe of an Actor, where visitors can try on many costumes and wigs. The exhibition also introduces many theatre positions and jobs such as the Artistic Director, the Prop Maker, the Puppeteer, the Stage Hand and Manager, the Make-Up Artist, the Costume Maker and so on.


The museum's special exhibit piece - the Time Machine or the Arch of Stars - displays videos from years and years ago, showing the different performances and people who have worked in NUKU Theatre throughout its 65 years of existence.


Birthday party programs are also available in a number of languages. Family tickets can be purchased at the box-offices. In the theatre, tickets must be bought for every child older than 1 year. In the museum, for every child older than 3 year.


Last updated 04.02.2019

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Photo-review of the Nuku Theatre and Puppet Museum in old town Tallinn, Estonia (17)

Photo-review of the Nuku Theatre and Puppet Museum in old town Tallinn. Visitors of the museum can see puppets from all over the world as well as traditional Estonian ones. Workshops for children who want to know more about puppet-making are held here. It is also possible to held a kid's birthday party at the museum. There is a cafe inside.

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