Photoreview of the Narva Castle and Museum, the Northern Courtyard and the Rondeel restaurant in Narva, Estonia

04.04.2017 744

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The Narva Castle is almost fully restored, it is the home of the historical Narva Museum. Choral and classical music concerts and theater performances are held at the castle. A fair with 17th century handcraft workshops for kids and adults is organized in the Northern Courtyard of the castle in the summer.

From the top of the Pikk Hermann tower (51 meter tall), visitors of the Narva Castle can peek into the Russian fortress of Ivangorod located across the river, as well see into the Ivangorod town on the Russian side. It is also possible to see the only surviving Lenin statue in the castle courtyard.

The interior of the Rondeel Restaurant is preserved in medieval style, occupies a small room on the second floor of the fortress wall. The restaurant serves fish and meat dishes prepared according to the local recipes, in accordance with medieval traditions. A kids' menu is also available.

Photo: Zahar Petrov.