Photo of the Riga Zoo in Latvia

18.06.2016 2256

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Photo review of the Riga Zoo located at Meža prospekts 1. The National Zoological Garden is open all the year round, it covers an area of ​​about 20 hectares. 430 animal species (about 3 000 animals, excluding insects and invertebrates) live in the zoo. In Tropical House and a Terrarium visitors can observe the life of insects, tropical amphibians, reptiles, nocturnal animals, snakes, crocodiles and lizards.

In summer guests can watch the public feeding of animals: giraffes, meerkats, seals, reindeers, hippos, pelicans, lemurs and others.
There is a car parking, bicycle parking, a cafe and a picnic area on the territory of the zoo.


Photos: Petrov Zahar.