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Images of Japan from a family trip to the land of the rising sun (32)

These photos were taken on a family trip to Japan in 2017. The route passed through such cities of Japan as Kyoto, Tokyo, Himeji and the Miyajima Island. In this gallery, it is possible to see images of Fushimi Inari - a temple near Kyoto, the Himeji Castle or the White Heron Castle, the Miyajima Island (Itsukushima) near Hiroshima, as well as an ancient Buddhist temple of Tokyo.

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A spring walk around Helsingborg, Sweden, in photos (37)

Images of Helsingborg, a city in the South of Sweden on a spring sunny day. Helsingborg sits right on the sea shore, has scores of sandy beaches, and  a population of over 140 000 residents, it is a culture and education center, located in less than one hour's drive from Copenhagen.

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Photos from a trip to the Mo i Rana city in Norway (28)

This is a photo review of Mo i Rana city in Norway located at Helgeland district not far from the polar circle. The city is located in the mouth of Ramfjord at the southern slope of the Saltfjellet the Svartisen mountains. Visitors can see Saltfjellet caves, the Havmann sculpture made of Atlantic granite, the Rana museum and the Museum of Natural Science, the church built in 1724 and the Arctic Circle Raceway in 30 kilometers from the city.

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Photos from a trip to Harstad city on Grutoya Island in Norway (52)

This is a photo-review from an auto-trip in Norway, to Harstad city and Grutoya Island. Harstad is located at the slope of the mountain. There is an old church built in the 12th century and the historical museum in the city. One can get to the Grutoya island by ferry.

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Photo-review of the Lefkara village in Cyprus (24)

This is a photo review of the Lefkara village in Cyprus, Larnaca district. The Lefkara village is one of the most ancient and famous in Cyprus. It is the place where traditional Cyprus lace called "Lefkaritica" and silver jewelry were created.

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Pictures from a walk around the Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia (68)

Pictures from a walk around the Old Town in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. One can look at the roofs of the Old Town at the observation desk in the Upper Town. There are also a lot of museums, gift shops and restaurants here.

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Pictures from a walk around Stockholm, Sweden (54)

This is a photo review of a short walk in the centre of Stockholm, Sweden. During a few hours visitors of Stockholm can manage to visit the Museum Island Djurgården, walk along picturesque embankments and explore the Old Town, located on the Stadsholmen island.

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Review in pictures: things to see with kids in Seoul, South Korea (64)

This is a review of interesting and kids-friendly places in Seoul, the biggest city in South Korea. Visitors of the city can walk in the Namsan mountain park, climb to the Seoul Tower and observe the city from the height of 480 meters. Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung palaces, 63 Building, the Zoo of Seoul and the Lotte World adventure park are also worth visiting.

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A parent's photo-review of a family trip in Norway: Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger (41)

This is a photo-review from a parent, sharing info on the interesting and kids-friendly places of Norway: Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger.

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Photographs of things to see in Busan, South Korea (24)

This is a photo-review of Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. Busan is located on the shore of of the Korea Strait. It has the biggest port in the country. There are a lot of skyscrapers (including the highest building in the Republic), an Aquarium, the Lotte World adventure park and the Haedong Yonggung Buddhist Temple in the city.

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