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Photo of the City Center Mirdif mall in Dubai, UAE (10)

This is a photo-review of the City Center Mirdif mall in Dubai. As a city of entertainment, shopping, and chilling out, Dubai is famous for its malls. Here tourists can hide from the sun, heat and sandstorms, buy things at bargain sales, eat in a restaurant, go to the cinema and bring children to the entertainment centre.

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Pictures of the Kalev Marzipan Factory Gallery shop in Tallinn, Estonia (12)

Pictures of the Gallery shop at the Kalev Marzipan Factory in olds town Tallinn. Visitors can purchase marzipan souvaniers at the shop, see a small exhibition and take part in a worshop of making marzipan figures.

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Images of the M&M'S World store in London, Great Britain (6)

Images of the M&M'S World store in London, Great Britain. Visitors can buy various gifts and souvenirs here: seals, soft toys, party games, clothes and bags, household items and sweets.

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A collection of photos of shopping malls, children's stores, and all kids of kids-friendly stores from around the world..