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Pictures of the Jump trampoline park in Malmö, Sweden (24)

This is a photo-review of the Jump trampoline park in Malmö, which is under an hour away from Copenhagen (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden). The park has its own parking lots and lots of storage space for visitors. There is a nice big cafe overlooking the trampolines and a separate activity area young kids under the age of 6. The toddles have their own trampolines, foam pit and slide. The rest of the park is made for older kids.

Photo: Victoria Krasilshikova.

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Photos of the Yoump trampoline park in Helsingborg, Southern Sweden (25)

We visited the Yoump trampoline park in Helsingborg in March 2018. The park limits the time a visitor may spend on trampolines, by creating "jumping sessions". This is good way to manage crowds and there are always staff present in the park, insuring the rules are followed. The special lights come on for a portion of the session and create a festive atmosphere.

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Photo of the Trysil Ski Resort in Eastern Norway (72)

This is a photo-review of Trysil, the largest ski resort of Norway. The resort is very kids-friendly and located close to the Swedish border, in a 4-hour drive from the Oslo Airport. Accommodation is available in two Radisson hotels and in cottages. The resort has a ski school for children and adults. There are 67 slopes to ski on, 29 ski lifts, 3 snow parks, 3 children's zones, over 60 bars, cafes and restaurants, a cinema, a bowling center, a spa, and a swimming pool.

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Photo review of the Hemsedal Ski Resort in Norway (46)

Photoreview of the Hemsedal Ski Resort in Norway.

Photo: Zakhar Petrov

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Photo of the Kiviõli Adventure Center ski and sporting resort, Estonia (20)

hoto of the Kiviõli Adventure Center ski and sporting resort in Estonia. The center is located on an artificial hill, which resulted as a waste byproduct of shale production. The center is located to the North of Kiviõli. There are two lifts, slopes for downhill skiing and snowboarding, there is also a snow park with a halfpipe. In summer, the resort offers a host of activities, including health trails, downhill biking, gravity racing, a 700-meter zip-line and more.

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This album contains photos of sports centers, complexes, resorts and events, that can be fun to visit with children. In this album we publish images from around the world.