Photos of the Lisbon Zoo, Portugal

22.08.2012 211

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Photos of the Lisbon Zoo in Portugal. One day in September, when the summer was already irretrievably gone, and the cold was getting stronger, we packed the suitcase and  set off on my first long voyage to the edge of the earth, to a faraway country of Portugal. And there - it's warm, sunny and quite different. And I want to tell you about our trip to the Lisbon Zoo, which is one of the oldest in the world.

We reached the zoo via the subway. We reached the station Jardim Zoologico, and immediately I realized that we had arrived correctly, since there were animals and birds around the Metro station, not just images, but also some living ones. 

At the zoo we got our tickets and got our hands stamped, so we could freely come and go from the zoo. The zoo has a large territory. Almost all the animals are kept in open cages. On one side - zebras were having breakfast, on the other - cheerful monkeys jumped around, and the armored rhinoceros were taking their morning baths.

We watched the feeding of seals, which turned into a fun and fascinating performance. Then we took a cable car ride to admire from a bird's-eye view not only on the park and animals, but also on the city of Lisbon. Later we visited the show of seals and dolphins, which made an indelible impression on me and the adults.

After that we saw giraffes and elephants, small turtles and huge turtles, acrocodiles. There is also the special mini-zoo for children, where kids can learn a lot about life in the country.

Photo and description: Lina Pobudey. Publication-participant of the contest of photo-reviews from the magazine and the Academy of Photography, supported by the Russian Union of Photographs.