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A company representative (owner, manager, etc.) can become the official administrator of its profile(s) at FamilyWithKids.com. This service is provided free of charge.

In order to be granted the rights of the official administrator, a company representative must first register a personal account at FamilyWithKids.com, and then fill out the "I work here" form, for each organization. After reviewing the application, the editorial team of FamilyWithKids.com will grant the designated user his/her administrative privileges. The administrator then can appoint up to 10 moderators.


The official Administration of Corporate Profile at FamilyWithKids.com can:

  • See the full history of company's published events;
  • Update and renew already published events;
  • Publish new events (without having to fill out the contact information in the info form);
  • See reviews of the company's work left by our readers;
  • Respond to comments left by other users on behalf of the company;
  • Appoint company's profile moderators (up to 10);
  • Receive info messages from the editorial team of FamilyWithKids.com;
  • View publications statistics;
  • Access and manage booking information.


Soon, our registered users will be able to:

  • Subscribe to corporate profiles and receive special offers from companies;
  • Correspond with companies through our internal system of notifications;
  • Request a quote for services from several companies in one click;
  • Accumulate points for quality reviews, and participate in our Guru Program, receiving discounts and gifts from our partner companies.

More info about our Paid Promo Options and our Terms of Service.

Please do let us know, should you encounter any difficulties in working with the Corporate Profile. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our system.


Application for Administration of Corporate Profile: Archway Leisure Centre

The Archway Leisure Centre is a sports centre in Islington. There is a swimming pool with a ride, gym, and a sauna complex. Family swimming sessions are organized. 

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