A family vacation in Krasnodar, Russia: things to do and places to see with kids

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We have got it all for you right here – check out wild animals in a zoo, get acquainted with aliens in a planetarium, and visit a kids theater and an oceanarium: all the most interesting activities and sites of Krasnodar are included in our family entertainment breakdown.   

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Krasnodar museums for kids

Kids theaters in Krasnodar

A zoo and oceanarium

Entertainment parks in Krasnodar

Where should I take my kid for a walk in Krasnodar? Krasnodar parks and attractions



Krasnodar museums for kids

They will tell you all about the history of the Krasnodar Krai at the Museum in the Name of Felitsyn. The exposition features the traditional outfits people used to wear, some of their everyday belongings, and some archeological findings, the first of which you must make sure and see is the Scythian Gold collection. Presented in the nature department are effigies of various animals as well that call southern Russia their home.



You can get acquainted with the history of Kuban Cossacks at the Cossacks Museum on Vinogradnaya Street. The exhibition objects have been collected from throughout the region – the museum features various personal items, photographs, clothing, and weapons from real Cossacks. At the exhibition, you can see a model of a Cossack hut and habitation. Furthermore, the museum perpetuates such traditions as organizing Cossack dish sampling.

The outdoor Military Technology Museum is located at 30-year Victory Park. Collected at the exhibition Weapons of Victory, are about 40 different units of technology: tanks, zeniths, a travelling radio station, artillery weapons, and the famous “katyusha”. Docked at the embankment is the Submarine Museum, though the departments of which the tours are held.



A collection of old postmaster stamps and uniforms is presented from different eras at the Post Museum. There you’ll find an equipped workplace of a postmaster who lived in the 19th century where you can check out old bags, envelopes, and cards. They even have some letters there from the 19th century in addition to letters from the World War II front. Furthermore, they host tours around the exhibition for school classes and around the current post office as well.

You can “embark into space” with your children at the Sphere Planetarium in Galaxy Commercial Entertainment Center. In the sphere-shaped movie theater, they show movies about stars, planets, and telescopes. For preschoolers, they show a fairy tale called How the Month Visited the Sun. There are real adventures presented by an interactive floor, such as space voyaging, races, and meeting aliens. Also in the hall, you can ride a 5D attraction called TransForce.


Kids theaters in Krasnodar

They put on shows for kids at the Krasnodar Kray Puppet Theater. For the smallest of guests, they show stories about Masha and the Bear, a Curious Elephant, and the Three Little Pigs. Kids who are a little older are shown the Japanese Legend of the Magic Cloth and The Canterville Ghost.



You can also catch puppet shows at The New Puppet Theater. They do shows for children on the stage there called The Magician’s Hat, Pippi Longstocking, Matilda the Mouse in Fairy Tale Land, and shows for adults as well like The Servant of Two Masters. There are also several plays for older schoolchildren like Hot Heart according to the play by Ostrovsky, Portrait by Gogol, and Count Nulin by Pushkin.

In Mimoletnosti Children’s Ballet Theater, you can check out choreographic shows and concerted numbers; fairy tale musicals such as The Giant’s Garden, The Magic Seed, and The Boldly Buzzing Fly; and even performances with historical plots on people like Joan of Arc and Shakespeare.


Safari Park Zoo in Krasnodar

Inhabiting Safari Park in Krasnodar is over 500 species of animals. They have kangaroos, lynxes, camels, capuchins, lions, leopards, Vietnamese pigs, and tamarin monkeys. Living in the reptile house are chameleons, lizards, turtles, and snakes. Safari Park also has ponds with fish, fountains, and lotuses.



You can check out some tropical fish at Ocean Park Oceanarium at Galaxy Commercial Entertainment Center. In the underground see-through tunnel, visitors watch sharks and manta rays swim right over their heads and the hall features a small waterfall and fountain as well.

There is also a Butterfly Garden in Galaxy Commercial Entertainment Center. On the tour, they tell you how pupas turn into butterflies, of which there are 30 different species and they are all fluttering about the hall. Also living in the butterfly garden are rabbits, guinea pigs, iguanas, and turtles.



Kids entertainment parks in Krasnodar


Open for kids between the age of 5 and 12 is Lesiki Center with a fun house, a playing station, a maze, and other entertainment. For outdoor leisure, there is a trampoline, a slide fun center, a rock-climbing wall, and bicycle cars. For the more calm type, they have a room for creativity, a performance stage, and a soft constructor.



At Red Square Commercial Entertainment Center, you’ll find all sorts of things to keep your kids entertained at Islands Center, regardless of their age. With kids between 1 and 5 years old, you can play Upside-down House with a dry pool, slides, and swings. Kids over five years old can climb around a labyrinth with slides, a jungle gym, and punching bags. For schoolchildren there are prize games and also kids can go race on the speedway with their parents or go ice-skating, jump on the trampoline, or try climbing up a rock wall.  


Where should I take my kid for a walk in Krasnodar? Parks and attractions in Krasnodar

In the summer time on Teatralnaya Square, you should watch the singing fountain show accompanied by lights and music. This is a “planar” fountain and in hot days both kids and adults can come by and refresh themselves in it. Also during the opening and closing time of the Krasnodar “fountain season”, they organize concert celebrations on the square. 



In the City Garden (or Park in the Name of Gorky) – the oldest park in Krasnodar, you can walk down different paths, feed some ducks and swans in a pond, or go for a ride on some attractions. They’re also promising to build a Ferris wheel in the summer of 2013 and also hold classical music concerts on Saturdays.          

You can ride roller coasters, go carts, and merry-go-rounds in Sunny Island Park. There is even an indoor skating rink open there, you can play outdoor tennis, and you can go paintballing in a special arena. There’s also a great view of the city and the Kuban from the Ferris wheel. In Sunny Island is the Krasnodar Zoo as well.

Chistyakovskaya Meadow (or Pervomaysk Parkis located to the north of Krasnodar. Open in the landscaped park with fountains is the only ropes course in the city with 3 ropeways: a kids ropeway, a family ropeway, and an extreme ropeway. Also in the park, there are attractions and Kids Town play station.



If you’d like to set up a picnic, you should consider going to Christmas Park: a whole Barbeque Park is set up there especially for that purpose. For children, there is a big playground open there and you also have the possibility of walking along the Kuban shore.

Military technology is displayed along the walkways of 30 Year Victory Park where you’ll also find a military history museum called Weapons of Victory. In the summer there, you can ride some attractions and boats too that you can also walk around on.


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