Moscow Technology Museums for Kids: Automobile and Military Museums in Moscow, Russia

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Where can you ride an old automobile in Moscow, try on an officer uniform, and man the seat of a tank? The following is a review of military technology and automobile museums in Moscow and the Moscow Region. 

Military technology museums in Moscow and the Moscow Region

Presented at the Central Armed Forces Museum of the Russian Federation is the history of the Russian army and navy from the pre-revolutionary era up to today. Most of the exhibits are dedicated to World War II and several halls are dedicated to battles representing turning points in the war. In one of the halls they allow you to try on a uniform of an old Russian soldier or hussar and even let you hold weapons. Presented at an open air venue are more than 150 units of military technology: tanks, zeniths, rockets, captured weapons, airplanes, and helicopters. There is even a restaurant open in the museum called “Long way to go…” where they prepare “soldier food”.



Presented at Worship Submission Hill in the Central Armed Forces Museum are impactful dioramas of battles around Moscow, Stalingrad, and Kursky. While observing the progression of the war, it’s helpful to see the collection of photographs, documents, letters from the front, and the personal items of some of the soldiers. Open in Victory Park next to the museum is a venue with military technology, including airplanes, tanks, zenith weapons, and an ambulance train. Also, in the covered pavilion, you can have a look at a collection of War Engine automobiles, one of which was the reserved personal automobile of Joseph Stalin.  

The museum complex dedicated to the most famous Soviet tank is located in Sholokhovo. Collected in the T-34 Tank History Museum building are dioramas, tank models, and images of the “grandfathers” of modern tanks – from war vehicles and wheel ships to the military vehicles of World War I. There they tell you about the trickiness of war involving tanks and they let you sit in the chairs of tank trainers and control a war vehicle for a little while. After having a look around, you can exit into the tank park with dozens of vehicles (but they only let you climb up one of them, which has a ladder on it).



The Т-34 and other military vehicles are presented at the Armor Tank Museum in Kubinka. Included in its collection are heavy, medium-weight, and light tanks of the USSR, Great Britain, Germany, and other countries that participated in World War II. Collected there other than tanks are mortars, armored vehicles, and infantry combat vehicles. Most of the vehicles are located in sheds, while the rest sit outside. They let you climb up some of the tanks and also let you aim the cannons.

Several types of planes are represented in the Air Force Museum in Monino. “Flying boats” and other apparati from the beginning of the 20th century are stored in the shed and presented in the museum halls is the history of Russian aviation: there you can check out photos, parts, and reduced-size copies of the planes. The majority of the exposition includes dozens of planes, helicopters, and bombers in the aviation field. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to touch them – they are all blocked off.



You can find out how air force defense has operated at Aerial Defense Museum in Balashikha. Situated in front of the museum are rocket complexes, zeniths and search lights, as well as radio detectors and launching pads. Inside the museum are several types of weapons and machine guns, rocket control and launching devices, and a diorama called “Moscow Defense”.  

Interactive programs like “A Course for the Young Soldier” are organized at the Military Technology Museum in Chernogolovka. Presented there are war time automobiles and trucks, katyushas, zenith weapons, fire trucks, and tanks. Some exhibits, for example tanks and armored vehicles, are open to visitors and they let you climb up them. There are playgrounds for children and you can also have lunch at a real mobile kitchen trailer. Furthermore, they hold historical reenactments and restorations on the territory of the museum.    



You can see an antitank hedgehog, a military guard post, and an armored hood at the Battle Glory Museum in Snegiri. On the other side of monument “To the Siberian Wars” is a tank platform. The most famous of the Soviet, American, and German tanks are Tiger from Germany and Sherman from the United States. You can climb up and take pictures of all the tanks in the museum.

In the Vadim Zadorozhny Technology Museum, they also let you climb atop tanks, airplanes, and other military vehicles outside. Presented on the three floors inside the museum is the largest collection of retro automobiles in Moscow totaling at 68. Other than cars, there are dozens of motorcycles there as well as various types of weapons. Almost all of the vehicles are “on the move” and for additional payment you can ride them as well. There is also a mobile kitchen trailer in the museum with “soldier” meals as well as a souvenir shop where they sell models of old-time cars.


Retro automobile museums of Moscow

Assembled at private collection museum Autoville are about 50 old-time automobiles. Every even hour from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. the exhibition hosts a tour telling about Audis, Mercedes, Cadillacs, and Muscovites. They don’t let you sit in the cars, although you can take pictures next to them and they sell retro toy cars in the shop.



Open in Lomakovo is the Old-time Automobile Museum. Retro automobiles are situated outside and in the shed. There aren’t very many of them there, but there is a little souvenir shop. On holidays May 9th and the Day of the City, they organize retro laps in front of the museum.

In the Retro Automobile Museum on Rogozhsky Val, you can see light vehicles, garage and sports cars, buses and motor transport, motorcycles, and home-made cars. Most of the exhibits are blocked off, but you are allowed to walk up and get close to some of them and check out the interior. The museum also organizes festive arrivals of old-time automobiles. 



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