Private Children’s Hospitals of Moscow: a review of places where to get medical help for Kids in Moscow, Russia

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A review of multidisciplinary medical centers in Moscow where you can schedule an appointment with doctors of various disciplines who work 24 hours a day, prescribe year-long plans to follow at home, and conduct analyses, EKGs, ultrasounds, and MRIs. 

Hospitals in central Moscow

Hospitals in southern Moscow

Hospitals in northern Moscow

Children’s Hospital Chains in Moscow



Multidisciplinary children’s hospitals in central Moscow

Open in the European Medical Center (EMC)  is the GEMC Children’s Hospital. The children’s hospital has year-long plans to follow: up to one year for newborns, “Healthy Baby” for children between 1 and 3, “Healthy Child” for children between 3 and 7, and “Healthy Kid” for kids between 7 and 15. 13 doctors of various disciplines work there, including a surgery department, a day and night clinic, and a 24-hour ER. You submit the analyses in the same place: GEMC hospital has its own laboratory and equipment for MRIs, EKGs, ultrasounds, and other tests. Vaccinations are provided according to the Russian or European vaccination calendar depending on parents’ requests.   

Phone number: +7 (495) 933-66-45 



Situated in central Moscow is multidisciplinary center Medsi II where doctors of 16 different disciplines provide treatment to children. Medsi II offers stomatology, an emergency service (goes up to 30 km outside MKAD), and its own laboratory. There they promise that you will not have to wait in line as doctor visits are only by appointment and children with infectious diseases are taken in a department closed off from the rest of the patients to avoid infecting the other children. Children from 0 to 18 years old may choose one of the year-long treatment plans. Pediatricians and children’s ear nose throat doctors come and treat children at home as well.

Phone number: +7 (495) 723-80-90


ON Baby Clinic is located in central Moscow. Working at the clinic are doctors of 20 different disciplines, one of which is stomatology. Year-long treatment plans both at the polyclinic and in-home are scheduled for children of under one year old, 1-3 years old, 3-7 years old, and 7-15 years old. At the polyclinic you can turn in analyses, some of which include a lactose test for children when breastfeeding, passing an ultrasound, an EKG (including echo EKGs), and making X-rays. Vaccinations or physiotherapy courses can be taken both in the clinic and at home.

Phone numbers: +7 (495) 223-22-87, +7 (495) 762-36-55 



Family and Health medical centers house doctors of 10 different disciplines and they do ultrasounds and EEG tests as well. The clinic includes complex treatment plans to be followed by kids under one year old, 1-3 years old, 3-7 years old, and 7-14 years old as well as treatment plans for children for digestive organs as well as plans for the nervous and immune systems, musculoskeletal apparati, and the ear, nose, and throat. You can call home a doctor of any specialty or a nurse to pick up analyses. Also located in the clinic is a sylvinite salt antrum. 

Phone numbers: +7 (499) 241-14-36, +7 (499) 241-78-66


Both clinics of the Miracle Doctor chain are located in the center of Moscow. They have a pediatrician, optometrist, neurologist, and orthopedic surgeon who do complex examinations for children three times a week. There are doctors of 9 different disciplines doing checkups in the clinic as well as at home. In the medical center, you can submit analyses, make cerebral ultrasounds, and receive vaccinations.

Phone numbers: +7 (495) 638-70-70, +7 (495) 676-40-37, +7 (495) 671-05-09



Children’s hospitals in southern Moscow

In Maryino South East Municipal District is DMC Healthy Generation. Available for appointments at the clinic are doctors of 17 different disciplines, any of whom may be called for an in-home visit and you can call for emergencies during the center’s working hours. You also have the chance to sign an agreement to follow at home for newborns and children between 1 and 18 years old (this program includes “home” vaccination according to the vaccination and analyses calendar). If you like, you have both a vaccine and Mantoux test shot done at home. In Healthy Generation, they do EKGs, EEGs, ultrasounds, and other tests for children.  

Phone number: +7 (495) 345-28-69, +7 (495) 346-45-21 


In the pediatric department of the Natural Child Development and Health Center, children are treated by doctors of 18 different disciplines. You can choose medical plans to be followed both at home and at the polyclinic for six months or one year and they are developed into three age groups: kids under a year old, 1-2 years old, 2-3 years old, and over 3 years old. The center conducts ultrasounds and EKGs as well as analyses. Pediatricians and specialist doctors also do in-home visits. 

Phone numbers: +7 (495) 229-44-10, +7 (495) 954-00-46 



Children’s treatment and diagnostic center Health Crib is also located in southern Moscow. The center has doctors of 16 different disciplines on staff and you can call a pediatrician for an in-home visit. Developed for children between 0 and 15 years old are plans to be followed at the hospital or at home. The clinic does EKGs, ultrasounds, shots, and Mantoux tests. Shots may be given at home where analyses may be submitted as well.

Phone numbers: +7 (495) 655-66-80, +7 (495) 655-66-85


Our Children medical center in southeast Moscow offers 16 different disciplines of doctors available for appointments. There they do ultrasounds, shots, and a list of analyses. For newborns up to one year old they offer a complex treatment plan both at home and in hospital and for children over one year old they sell discount cards for medical service. You can call home a pediatrician from there as well or a nurse to take an analysis.

Phone numbers: +7 (495) 704-90-30, +7 (499) 796-02-36, +7 (499) 796-02-52 



Children’s hospitals in northern Moscow

At DMC Human Health (North East Administrative District), 17 different disciplines of doctors are available for appointments. For newborns of up to one year old they offer several types of treatment plan agreements to be followed (there are even separate plans for girls and boys) and you can also sign an agreement for a year’s service for children 1-3 years old, 3-7 years old, and 7-15 years old. In the clinic, they do EKGs, EEGs, and ultrasounds as well as taking analyses and vaccinations are given according to the Russian vaccination calendar. Pulmonologists and pediatricians make in-home visits within MKAD and surrounding districts.    

Phone numbers: +7 (499) 745-28-72, +7 (499) 745-28-72


The clinics of the Inpromed chain are located on the northeast and southwest sides of Moscow individually. For children under one year old, they have developed a program called “Infant” to be followed and for children between the age of 1 and 18, they have several options for plans both at home and the clinic. Accepting patients are children’s doctors of 16 different disciplines and there is a stomatology room as well as equipment for EKGs and ultrasounds. You can submit analyses at the clinic and at home. In addition, Inpromed also provides a 24-hour children emergency service.



Phone number: +7 (495) 921-36-47


At Markushka medical center in east Moscow, they do 20 different types of tests and analyses: the departments there include physiotherapy, stomatology, and ultrasound, EKG, and EEG rooms where there are doctors of 16 different disciplines. You can call a pediatrician or specialized doctor home for a visit. The center also gives you the opportunity of choosing one of its complex treatment plans to be followed: for children less than a year old, 1-3 years old, 3-7 years old, 7-14 years old, and 14-18 years old. 

Phone numbers: +7 (495) 460-39-55, +7 (495) 469-89-36, +7 (495) 469-74-13 


Open in east Moscow is Little Tiger medical center with child doctors of over 10 different disciplines. They offer children ultrasounds and echocardiograms and conduct analyses and allergy tests as well. Vaccinations are given according to the regional calendar. You can call home a pediatrician, an ear nose throat doctor, a neurologist, a surgeon, an allergologist immunologist, and an optometrist for a visit. In Little Tiger, there are tree year-long treatment plans for children to follow: “Breastfeeder” for children under one year old, “Baby” for children from 1 to 3 years old, and “Junior” for children between 3 and 15 years old.    

Phone number: +7 (495) 638-55-45



Chains of multidisciplinary children’s hospitals in Moscow

Included in Mother and Child company group are six hospitals in Moscow and one located just outside the city. Each one of them contains a Children’s Center with specialized doctors and they offer treatment plans to be followed at home or at the hospital for newborns and children between 1 and 15 years old. In Mother and Child clinics, they offer 24-hour emergency service and their ambulances have the necessary equipment to transport newborns. Open at Lapino and Perinatal Medical Center are children’s day and night clinics and laboratories for analyses. There they do EKGs, CTs, MRIs, and other tests. Lanino hospital group also has an injury care department.

You can choose the closest Mother and Child clinic to you and find its address and phone number in our directory.

You can find the phone numbers and addresses of children’s hospitals and pediatric departments of Moscow and the Moscow Region in our directory.



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