The House Museum of the Mouse Perez, Casa Museo de Raton Perez in Madrid, Spain
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  • The House Museum of the Mouse Perez, Casa Museo de Raton Perez in Madrid, Spain
Spain, Madrid, Calle Arenal, 8
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The House Museum of the Mouse Perez is one of the main children's attractions of Madrid. The museum is dedicated to the character of a well-known in Spain fairy tale about a mouse, who "works" as a tooth fairy - he brings coins to kids in exchange for their lost teeth. A small museum is located in the building of a shopping mall. At the entrance, the owner - Mouse Perez - meets his guests. He lives here with his family. Mouse Perez shows children his collection of lost teeth and drawings, and also tells how to care for the teeth in order to keep them healthy and receive the coins.


Excursions are held in Spanish, but most of it should be clear even to those who do not speak the native language of the mouse Perez. The exposition is designed for children from 5 years.


Please check the working hours on the official web-site:




Last updated 08.06.2017

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