A story in pictures from a parent about traveling through Spain with children, Costa Del Sol

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Photo and review from Fedotova Elena about her family's vacation in Spain. - In Spain we booked an apartment in a small town near Malaga and rented a car at the airport. Having a car significantly expanded our capabilities, so in addition to sunbathing and swimming, we almost every day went somewhere. So, what can you see in Spain with the children?

The first is the Alhambra, a palace and park complex in Granada, which includes the Nasrid dynasty palace (the main attraction), the Charles V palace and the Generalife gardens. It is necessary to arrive there early, preferably by 8 am (the opening time of ticket offices), because tickets are sold only for the current day, and during the peak season, two hours after the opening of the ticket office - no more tickets can be bought. A leisurely walk through the palace and gardens will take you about 3 hours and leave an indelible impression - it seems like the palace is dressed in thin stone lace. From the windows of the Alhambra you have a wonderful view of Granada, which is also worth a visit. For example, in the science museum of Parque de las Ciencias, children will happily spend the whole day skating on the trolley, scrambling along Mobius's ribbon, looking at butterflies in the tropic, can not list everything. Therefore, it is better not to combine a visit to the Alhambra and the Museum of Sciences in one day, but to go to Granada two times.

But a walk along the Alhambra can be combined with a visit to Mount Sacromonte. Here gypsies still live in houses similar to caves, this is also the place where flamenco was invented. At the top of Sakromonte there is a small museum, where you can get acquainted with the life of the Gypsies.
If you go to the west coast of Spain, to the ocean, then you will find yourself in the city of Tarifa - this is the place of pilgrimage of kitesurfers. Strong winds blow from the ocean. From Tarifa by ferry you can get to the city of Tangier (Morocco). In a matter of 40 minutes you will cross the Gibraltar and find yourself on the African continent. Tangier is exotic, the old city is insanely dirty and may not feel very comfortable. Children are better to hold hands. On the beach and in new areas is more or less decent and you can relax. There are local cafes, but we settled for a McDonald's. If you want to visit Africa, but without any exotics, you can flock from the neighboring Alfesiras Tarifa to Ceuta (Spanish possessions on the African continent) - this is a clean city.

There is one "highlight" in Spain that few people know about, and it is is the Mini Hollywood in the Tabernas Desert. Here in the 50-60s of the last century Western films were shot: "Magnificent Seven", "Zorro", "Indiana Jones". The remaining scenery was turned into a museum in the open air, where twice a day performances are held - scenes from westerns. It is a very unusual and impressive spectacle for all ages, except, perhaps, very young children, who may be afraid of the sound of shots being fired.

Not far from Granada is a ski resort - Sierra Nevada. In summer the resort is closed, but the ski lifts still work. You can climb to the top of the mountains, where there is still little snow, and look at Spain from above.

Beaches on the Costa del Sol can be either sandy or small pebbled. The sea, the closer to Gibraltar, the colder, but at the end of August it's quite comfortable to swim. Near the rocks you can swim with a mask, look at crabs and sea urchins. With certain luck, you can meet an octopus or moray eel.

If you rent an apartment, then most likely you will have access to a communal pool. This is a fairly large swimming pool for several houses. From the culinary delights of Spain it is worth trying and treating the children gazpacho - tomato soup; it is usually eaten with croutons. Children certainly like the tortilla (casserole from potatoes) and focaccia (white bread with oregano and cheese). Lovers of seafood on any city beach will be offered sardines, dorado (very tasty fish), octopus and other sea food. If you become acquainted with Spanish cuisine seriously, you need to try the paella - a dish of rice with different toppings (vegetables, meat, shellfish).

In a gift to family and friends back home, it is a good idea to bring olive oil and the Spanish ceramics - very nice pialas in bright, southern tones, or traditional Spanish blue-white.

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