Photos of the Sofiero Park and Palace with rhododendrons in Helsingborg, Sweden

20.05.2018 1172

Learn more about: Sofiero Palace, Sofiero Slott in Helsingborg, Southern Sweden

Photos of the Sofiero Park and Palace in Helsingborg. The park is famous for its collection of rhododendrons and has repeatedly received the title of the best park in Europe. Dogs are allowed into the park but must be on a leash. The park has a garden with greenhouses, a rosary, a souvenir shop, numerous paths, benches and even bridges. At Children's Sofiero there are Royal Playhouses and Prince Oscar's Fairytale Forest with dragons and a slide. Children can also plant toy vegetables and watch how the real ones grow. Some of the park's paths descend from the palace down to the sea. There are a restaurant and a cafe at the palace. Sofiero can be reached on foot from the city center via Landborgspromenaden trail (6 km) or by bus number 8. There is paid parking near the entrance to the park.

Photo: Victoria Krasilshchikova.