Kids-friendly Restaurants and Cafés in Kiev, Ukraine

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Where should I take my kids in Kiev? The following is a review of Kiev restaurants with kids’ rooms and a kids menu where there is no smoking and you can have a nice dinner with your family. 



Unusual Family Restaurants in Kiev

Baby Rock on Vozdvizhenka is a real kids-oriented restaurant. For children between the ages of 2 and 12 they have animators conduct a morning “animal aerobics”, art and cooking workshops, read stories with them in specific roles and watch cartoons, and they set up rock concerts and parties. Adult visitors are not allowed inside, but parents will be able to watch a camera screen from Baby Rock so they know everything’s okay while sitting next door in the “adult” restaurant Gastro Rock.



Divosvit Entertainment Center has two family cafés. On the first floor in Cro-Magnon Kitchen is a salad bar where kids can prepare a salad themselves and eat in a room with a “rock painting”. For those that aren’t terribly hungry, the second floor of Divosvit features a café bar called Cosmoport with a large glass terrace where they make oxygen shakes and light snacks. 

One more restaurant called Transforce is located on the third floor of Blockbuster Entertainment Center. There is an electronic menu at every table and during the meal they show panoramas of space, faraway countries, and depths of seas on a round screen. 



If you have kids that like to sing, you might consider going to Kudryashka Café. There they have kids karaoke, animators, and a play room – the “pirate ship” and in the summer time kids can play in the slide and sandbox area. 


Family Restaurants with a Kids’ Room in Kiev

They celebrate kids’ birthdays in the family restaurants of Baby Bar on Lvivskaya Square and on Obolon. Open in each restaurant is a large play room with slides, swings, miniature trampolines, and books. For children they have milk porridge and fruit purée on the menu and for a little bit older kids they organize pizza-making, cookie-baking, and sandwich-making workshops.  

You can only get inside Kabachok Na Bochok Restaurant Complex through the attic: the building is literally turned upside down. There they have a Jumanji Room leading out to a kids play station with slides and swings and a summer terrace with a fountain and a miniature zoo. Underneath the roof is a large kids’ room called Rebus Little Attic for kids between 3 and 14 years old where kids can ride down slides, watch cartoons, and play constructions kits and educational games. For a little bit older kids they have a PlayStation. 



Open on the weekends at Babene Home Italian Cooking is a little pizza chef school. Also open every day at the restaurant is a kids venue with toys and tools for drawing.

There is a kids’ room in Melyanzh Restaurant and Sushi Bar on the Dniper Embankment. There you can play race cars, play foosball, and play with a soft construction kit in addition to watching cartoons and drawing while a nanny watches. 

Also open at Yakitoria Restaurant on the left shore of the Dniper River is a kids venue with a TV, toys, and a drawing board. They have two types of kids menus: Japanese and traditional with salads, cutlets, and French fries. 



In front of Razgulyaevo Suburban Restaurant with a fountain and a kids pool, a venue is set up with slides and swings and open in the large hall is a play room with nanny animators. On the weekends, Razgulyaevo holds kids entertainment programs as well. 


Ukrainian Cuisine Restaurants with a Kids' Room in Kiev 

In Shevchenko Park, you can have dinner at O’panas Restaurant. They don’t have a kids menu there, but they do have a lively venue with a watermill and you can also have fun at the kids play station next to the restaurant and check out unusual sculptures, and a pond called the “Black Sea”.

You can find Puzata Hata restaurants with a traditional menu and interior all over Kiev. While walking around downtown, you can stop by Puzata Hata on Kontraktovaya Square where they have a kids' room with different colored little chairs. 

All of the ethnic eating houses of the Kozachok chain have kids menus and on Sundays they do entertaining programs and workshops for kids. There is a kids’ room in the restaurant Kozachok Osokorki and in front of the Kozachok Sovki restaurant is a kids play station and a miniature zoo. 



Confectioneries and Ice Cream Cafés in Kiev 

You can try handmade chocolate in any one of the Lviv Chocolate Workshop locations. One of the confectionaries is located on Andreevsky Descent right in the middle of Kiev. In the “workshop” they have coffee with aromatic additives, hot chocolate, milkshakes, and, of course, all kinds of sweets – from fruits and “syrniks” (fried quark pancakes) with chocolate to cookies and cakes. 

At Lollipop Confectionery with a small, cozy terrace, you can try cacao with cheesecake or a pastry, ice cream, and sorbets and they even to workshops there on how to make chocolate candy. 

Another place open on Kreschatka is Volkonsky. There they spoil you with fresh pastries, eclairs, macarons, and ice cream and until 12:30 you can order syrniks and blins (Russian crepes) with the topping of your choice.  




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