The Nasinpuisto park in Tampere, Finland
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Tampere, Näsinpuisto
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The Nasinpuisto park is located on the bank of the Nasiyarvi lake on the north of Tampere.

The Näsilinna castle, which will be open for visitors since June 2015 for the first time for the last 17 years, is located in the park. 


There is also the Tiitiäisen satupuisto playground, where children can walk in the woods with a reading room, climb on the wall, visit the shadow theatre and a zone for water games in the park. At night the Fairy Woods are illuminated.



Last updated 04.05.2015

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24 may 2015
Tampere with kids, a list of kids-friendly activities in Tampere, Finland

Tampere with kids, a list of kids-friendly activities in Tampere, Finland

What to do in Tampere with kids? Take a ride on a rollercoaster, in a horse-drawn carriage or a retro car, take the secret agent test, a dip in a waterpark or an underground pool, see the world’s biggest Teddy Bear, bits of a meteorite and some dinosaur eggs, enjoy the view from the tallest observation tower in Finland and a whole lot of other ideas of family fun in Tampere - in this review.

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