The Torronsuo National Park, Finland
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  • The Torronsuo National Park, Finland
Finland, Torronsuo National Park
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The Torronsuo National Park covers approximately 25 square km of territory, most of which is covered by swamps. For this reason visitors are not advised to step aside from the nature trails. The park is a home to a number of bird and butterfly species, there is an bird-watching tower in Kiljamo (kiljamon lintutorni).

The walking trails are from 1.5 to 10 km long, the park maintains skiing trails in the winter.

Last updated 29.09.2023
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Photo of the Torronsuo National Park in Finland (10)

The Torronsuo National Park is located to the South of Helsinki, in about 100 km away from the capital of Finland. The territory of the park is 25 square kilometers, and it is mostly swamps and marshes. Visitors are not recommended to leave the safety of the wooden trails.

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