Photo: shopping centers, department stores, and children's shops in Finland

Photo of the Fazer Visitor Center in Vantaa, Finland (15)

Our photoreview of the Fazer Visitor Centre (Fazer Vierailukeskus) in Vantaa (Helsinki region). The center is located next to one of the Fazer factories and mills, where sweets and bread are still produced today. The plant has its own water source (production requires as much water as a small town). The energy needed for lightning of the Visitor Centre is produced from recycled waste from own bakery. In the future, the plant plans to fully switch to renewable energy.

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Photos from the Panda chocolate factory store in Jyväskylä, Finland (14)

Photos from the Panda factory shop in Jyväskylä, Finland. Visitors of the store can buy products of the popular in Finland Panda chocolate factory: candy, chocolate, licorice, souvenirs with images of pandas.

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Petits Tresors toy shop, Turku, Finland, photo (13)

Photo review of Petits Tresors toy store in Turku. There are wooden and stuffed toys in the shop for kids of all ages, also the store sells kids furniture and interior goods.

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Photo of the Itis Shopping Mall and its Leikkiasema Play Zone for kids, Helsinki, Finland (29)

Photoreview of the Itis Shopping Mall, which is located at Itäkatu 1-7. The Shopping Center has the Leikkiasema Play Room for young kids on the second floor.

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The Angry Birds Activity Park located in Holiday Club Saimaa, Lappeenranta, Finland, photo (35)

The photo-review of the Angry Birds Activity Park, located in Capri mall on the territory of Holiday Club Saimaa in Lappeenranta, Finland. The park is two-storied. Here children can go karting, walk through the labyrinth or build a tower using soft bricks and pigs. On the second floor there are entertainments for older children and adults - a big board for jumping into the trampoline and a freestyle area.

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Lähetyssoppi, missionary shop of hand-made souvenirs in Lappenranta, Finland, photo (10)

Photo-review of the missionary shop Lähetyssoppi, located in the centre of Lappenranta, Finland (Koulukatu 10A, opposite Armada mall). Visitors of Lähetyssoppi can buy hand-made socks, mittens, scarfs and hats. Stuffed toys and hand-made earrings and necklace are also sold here. Tea or coffee with cookies are served.

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In this section we publish photo reviews of shopping centers and malls, department stores, and children's shops in Finland.