Photos: parks for walks with children and the whole family in Finland

Pictures of the Winter Garden Talvipuutarha in Helsinki, Finland (26)

These images of the Winter Garden or Talvipuutarha in the center of Helsinki were taken in the Fall of 2018. Winter Garden is a greenhouse with evergreen plants and flowers as well as a small artificial pond with a fountain and some fish. The Talvipuutarha garden is open all year round, every day except Monday. Entrance to the garden is free for all. The garden offers quiet places to relax among flowers and plants.

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Photos of the Sibelius Park and the Regatta Cafe in Helsinki, Finland (26)

These shots of the Sibelius Park and Monument and the Regatta Cafe were taken in January 2018. The park is lit at night and the monument has a special glow. The Regatta Cafe is open every day. It is a kids-friendly and dog-friendly cafe. The cafe's interior and courtyard are decorated with many beautiful, cute and special objects (including candles, a swing, an old Soviet car, skiing gear, etc.).

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Pictures of the Santalahti walking trail in Kotka, Finland (33)

This is a photo-review of the Santalahti walking trails, which are accessible for most part of the year. The trails are marked (mostly by white dots on trees), have some board walks and require a certain amount of effort to walk on.

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Pictures from the Carnival of Light in Linnanmäki, Helsinki, Finland (30)

We visited the Carnival of Light in Linnanmäki in October 2017. The festival annually attracts large crowds of people, including many students, teenagers and children. Entrance to the park is always free, and there are even some free rides. Aside from rides, some classic favourites for kids available at the park are cotton candy on a glowing stick, popcorn and fireworks.

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Raseborg in pictures: the streets and wooden houses of Ekenäs Old Town, Finland (33)

A picture story from the Old Town of Ekenäs in Southwestern Finland. This small charming town is located half way between Turku and Helsinki, with about an hour's drive from each. Ekenäs started as a fishing village in the 16th century and was made a city by Swedish king Gustav Vasa (even before Helsinki). Many of the streets still bear the names of the crafts that used to be practiced by the home owners living on it.

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Photo: the Fiskars Village Park and Design Center in Raasepori, Finland (53)

We visited Fiskars Village in the autumn of 2017 and prepared this photo review. The village is located in an hour drive from Helsinki. In the photo, it is possible to see the pedestrian walkways along the Fiskars river, numerous bridges over it, former manufactory buildings, shops, cafes and playgrounds for kids.

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Photo review of the Häme Medieval Fair 2017 at Hämeenlinna, Finland (55)

Photo-review of the Häme Medieval Fair 2017 at Hämeenlinna (or the Häme Castle) by Victoria Krasilshchikova.

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Photo of Seurasaari, the open-air museum at Juhannus, the summer solstice celebration, Helsinki, Finland (22)

Photo of Seurasaari, the open-air museum at Juhannus 2017, the summer solstice celebration in Helsinki.

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Photo of the Rhododendron Park in Helsinki, Finland (16)

The park located in a pine forest, there are sand tracks and wooden decking. Pine trees create a natural canopy for flowering plants. There are information signs and tables for a picnic at the park. The peak of flowering of both rhododendrons and azaleas occurs at the beginning of June.

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Photo of the Torronsuo National Park in Finland (10)

The Torronsuo National Park is located to the South of Helsinki, in about 100 km away from the capital of Finland. The territory of the park is 25 square kilometers, and it is mostly swamps and marshes. Visitors are not recommended to leave the safety of the wooden trails.

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A collection of photos of parks, squares, playgrounds, pedestrian and hiking trails for walks with children in Finland.