Photo of the Fazer Visitor Center in Vantaa, Finland

23.12.2016 1839

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Our photoreview of the Fazer Visitor Centre (Fazer Vierailukeskus) in Vantaa (Helsinki region). The center is located next to one of the Fazer factories and mills, where sweets and bread are still produced today. The plant has its own water source (production requires as much water as a small town). The energy needed for lightning of the Visitor Centre is produced from recycled waste from own bakery. In the future, the plant plans to fully switch to renewable energy.

At the entrance, visitors see a huge Easter bunny, made of white egg shells, exactly the same as those used for the celebrated Mignon eggs (real eggshell filled with almond-hazelnut nougat), which are handmade by Fazer in Vantaa. The Visitor Center is also comprised of: a souvenir and candy shop, a Fazer Cafe (serving snacks, drinks and lunches), a greenhouse with tropical plants (including cocoa and coffee), conference rooms, room for cooking classes, an exhibition of vintage Fazer posters, and an interactive space for visitors.

Through playing a cube-puzzle game with robots, visitors can learn about healthy eating. They can also see how grain is milled into flour, how the traditional braided bread is made, see what the cocoa mass, cocoa powder, xylitol, and many other confectionery ingredients look and smell like, learn about the origin and processing of cocoa beans, with the help of VR glasses peek inside the Fazer production plants. In the tasting area, visitors can try a variety of Fazer candy products.

In a special glass display case it is possible to see the original recipes handwritten in Swedish and Russian by Karl Fazer - the company's founding father. The entrance for the shop and café of the visitor centre is free. A fee is charged for entering a 1 hour guided tour in the exhibition of the Visitor Centre. Guided tours in different languages are available upon request. 

Photo: Max Markov.