Photo review of the Espoo Auto Museo near Helsinki, Finland

27.06.2020 303

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The Espoo Car Museum or Espoon Automuseo is located out in the country, among some beautiful lakes and fields. The museum occupies an old barn and has two floors. Families with children are welcome and kids can ask for a special adventure quest sheet at the door.

The museum is open regularly during the summer, on weekends during the cooler times of year, and is mostly closed in the winter. In the autumn, the museum conducts a popular with kids event -  A Night At the Museum. Aside from European, American and Soviet cars the museum exhibits numerous bikes, as well as some antique gasoline dispensers and also car stickers, toy cars, phones, typewriters and other historic things.

Visitors can see the Cadillac which was in official use by the Finnish president Koivisto since 1986. Another interesting model from 1969 is a Chaika (GAZ-13), the model was often used by Soviet officials. The museum also has one of the first racers of Mika Häkkinen, who is often nicknamed "The Flying Finn" and was the 1998 and 1999 Formula One World Champion, driving for McLaren.

Many kids become fascinated with a pink Porsche and a white sporty looking car which was designed and built by an enthusiast in Finland, but was never allowed to be driven on the road, despite having passed all of the required safety tests.

Photo: Victoria Krasilshikova. The images were taken in the summer of 2020.