Photos of the Sibelius Park and the Regatta Cafe in Helsinki, Finland

06.01.2018 1316

Learn more about: Café Regatta, cafe on the shore of the bay near the Sibelius park in Helsinki, Finland

Learn more about: Sibelius Park and Monument in Helsinki, Sibeliusken puisto, Finland

These shots of the Sibelius Park and Monument and the Regatta Cafe were taken in January 2018. The park is lit at night and the monument has a special glow. The Regatta Cafe is open every day. It is a kids-friendly and dog-friendly cafe. The cafe's interior and courtyard are decorated with many beautiful, cute and special objects (including candles, a swing, an old Soviet car, skiing gear, etc.).

The cafe offers various beverages, pastries and sandwiches. Indoor and outdoor seating are available. There is an open fireplace outside, where kids and parents can roast some sausages (purchased at the cafe). 

Photo: Victoria Krasilshchikova.