Raseborg in pictures: the streets and wooden houses of Ekenäs Old Town, Finland

10.10.2017 952

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A picture story from the Old Town of Ekenäs in Southwestern Finland. This small charming town is located half way between Turku and Helsinki, with about an hour's drive from each. Ekenäs started as a fishing village in the 16th century and was made a city by Swedish king Gustav Vasa (even before Helsinki). Many of the streets still bear the names of the crafts that used to be practiced by the home owners living on it.

Ekenäs has a beautiful sandy beach, a marina, the Ekenäs Nature Centre, and an all-year-round outdoor swimming facility right in the center. There are also elaborate playgrounds for kids and cozy picturesque cafes. 

We prepared this photoreview in October 2017.

Photo: Victoria Krasilshchikova.