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Paid Promo and Placement Options at FamilyWithKids.com


Basic listing in the directory is free.


Add photos to Publication - €2 per photo (up to 12 total), for Ukraine - 50 UAH.
Up to 12 photos total can be added to profiles of listed events and companies.


Fast-track Publication + Featuring in FamilyWithKids.com Social Media Channels - €2, for Ukraine - 50 UAH.
- Out of the queue, fast-track publication of event or company in the FamilyWithKids.com directory, in just 1 business day
- One-time featuring in the FamilyWithKids.com social media accounts (Facebook.com, VK.com, Twitter, Instagram).


Premium Placement - €150 per year, for Ukraine - 4500 UAH.
  -  The Premium Placement package is offered to companies for 1 year and includes the following:
  -  Enhanced company profile: 12 photos, clickable logo, hyperlinks to website;
  -  Corporate blog: up to 12 publications by company, optimized for search engines;
  -  Monthly featuring in FamilyWithKids.com social media channels;  
  -  Featured placement in relevant FamilyWithKids.com listings.


Enhanced Profile - €25 per year, for Ukraine - 1200 UAH.
An enhanced company profile has 12 photos, hyperlink to the company’s website, social media widgets and a clickable logo. This service is offered on a yearly basis.


Pin to TOP of Directory - €10 per month, for Ukraine - 450 UAH.
A company, service or event is featured at the top of a relevant section of our directory. The publication has 12 photos, a text description, company’s contacts and a hyperlink to its website and/or social media accounts. The publication is also featured in the FamilyWithKids.com social media channels.


Photoreview of Place or Event - €1000 (travel and accommodation costs may also apply).
The photoreview of place or event is a permanent publication, which is prepared by a FamilyWithKids.com staff photographer. The resulting publication has from 20 to 40 photos, a text description, a link to the company’s profile; it is featured on the homepage of FamilyWithKids.com and in its social media channels.


Enhanced Event Placement - 10, for Ukraine - 450 UAH.
This fast-track publication has 12 photos, a text description, hyperlinks to the website and/or social media accounts and contacts of the organizer. The event is featured in the FamilyWithKids.com social media channels.


Payments and Refund Policy

All FamilyWithKids.com services are 100% prepaid. No refunds are available.

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