Paid Promo and Placement Options at

Basic listing in the directory is free.

More photos in publication (the first photo is always free) - €2 per photo (up to 12 total), for Ukraine - 50 UAH.
Up to 12 photos total can be added to profiles of listed events and companies.

Fast-track publication + a post in social media channels - €2, for Ukraine - 50 UAH.
- Out of the queue, fast-track publication of event or company in the directory, in just 1 business day
- One-time featuring in the social media accounts (,, Twitter, Instagram).

Event+ - €5, for Ukraine - 150 UAH.
This is an enhanced event, offer of place announcement, which has 12 photos, a description, company contacts with hyperlinks to website. The publication is featured in the top section of the list of events and in the social media channels.

SuperProfile - €20 per year, for Ukraine - 500 UAH per year.
The SuperProfile is an enhanced company profile, which has 12 photos, logo, clickable branded page background, hyperlinks to website and social media accounts, active "Video" tab. This service is offered on a yearly basis.

Premium directory placement - €40 per year, for Ukraine - 1000 UAH per year.
The Premium Placement package is offered to companies for 1 year and includes the SuperProfile + featuring in the top section of the directory, among other promoted companies.

Pin to TOP of Directory - €15 per month, for Ukraine - 450 UAH.
A company, service or event is featured at the top of a relevant section of our directory. The publication has 12 photos, a text description, company’s contacts and a hyperlink to its website and/or social media accounts. The publication is also featured in the social media channels.

Photoreview of Place or Event - €1000 (travel and accommodation costs may also apply).
The photoreview of place or event is a permanent publication, which is prepared by a staff photographer. The resulting publication has from 20 to 40 photos, a text description, a link to the company’s profile; it is featured on the homepage of and in its social media channels.

Payments and Refund Policy

All services are 100% prepaid. No refunds are available.

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(education, medical services, entertainment, etc.)
In international format (+1 (ххх) ххх-хх-хх), for communication with the editorial team
(a service, a place, en event, a special deal, etc.)