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Startup Alumni – Victoria Krasilshikova, Co-founder of

I was a working parent, terribly pressed for time and always feeling guilty about not spending enough quality time with my son. I wanted for someone to just gather all the information about kids-friendly places and events, and present it in a way, that would be easy for me to digest. I waited 7 years for someone to do this. And then I just had to do it myself.

Sweden’s THINK Accelerate: “We Cut Away The Hype And BS!”

Cutting the hype and BS to support startups in growing is one of the main objectives of Swedish THINK Accelerate. Head of Programs, Jenny Sandberg, on the benefits for startups and working with corporate partners like IBM, Microsoft, and Google.

Here are the new startups that will accelerate with THINK this Spring

THINK, an accelerator that is going into its sixth year in the industry has kicked off its 8th edition with nine new and hungry startups. In total 230 startups from Sweden and abroad applied to the Helsingborg based accelerator, making it a new record for the Southern Nordic accelerator. Last week nine selected startups began their journey with the three-month program. Companies from Russia, Finland, South America, Copenhagen and Sweden will advance their business and get tailored coaching and workshops from THINK and external coaches during 12-weeks.


Kids Friendly Media – путеводитель для родителей

Kids Friendly Media Oy – компания с сильной социальной позицией: она стремится сделать мир более открытым и удобным для детей, чтобы люди могли чаще проводить время с семьей. В 2013 году компания зарегистрировалась в Финляндии и вышла на международный рынок.

Kotkassa järjestettiin startup-kilpailu naisten perustamille yrityksille – kansainvälinen tapahtuma ensi kertaa Suomessa

Kilpailussa oli mukana yhteensä kuusi joukkuetta, joista jatkoon pääsi helsinkiläisyritys Tespack. Finaali kisataan Lontoossa.

What’s up Interview - Victoria Krasilshikova

Victoria is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kids Friendly Media Oy. is a website, where people have the opportunity to book and discover kids-friendly services. is the russian branch of It launched in 2010 as a pilot project and it was gaining 8 million users per year by 2015. She told us more about her entrepreneurship and she also gave some really good advices for the female entrepreneurs.


Finnish startup takes 2nd place in Women Startup Competition

Finnish startup Kids Friendly Media has taken second place in the Women Startup Competition in Budapest, Hungary. The Women Startup Competition’s main goal is to increase awareness of female entrepreneurship in Europe, bring the women-led startups into the spotlight and help them to meet future investors.

BOOKR Kids, an interactive library app for kids, won the Women Startup Competition. Kids Friendly Media came second.

Last weekend, the city of Budapest hosted another edition of the Women Startup Competition. Kids Friendly Media, a Finnish startup, came second. Kids Friendly Media, with over 8 million users, helps families discover and book kid-friendly services they need.

What’s the biggest untapped entrepreneurial potential in Europe? Women!

Europe’s best startups run by women were recognised in Budapest last weekend during the Women Startup Europe Competition, organised as part of the Budapest Brain Bar festival.

Nemzetközi versenyt nyert az app

A második helyezett a Kids Friendly Media Oy finn vállalkozás lett. Ők gyerekbarát szolgáltatások és helyek gyűjtőoldalát készítették el, jelenleg 8 millió felhasználójuk van.

Európai női startupok özönlötték el Budapestet

Kinőtte a régiós határait a hagyományosan Budapesten megrendezett női startup verseny. Az F6S egyszerűen csak Európa legnagyobb női startup eseményének nevezte a Women Startup Competitiont.


A growing economic romance between neighbours

Helsinki Times contacted one of the speakers at the Rubicon Forum 2013, Victoria Krasilshikova, Chief Operations Officer at, to hear how her company successfully entered the Finnish market.