2018 World Cup: things to see and do with children in Russia

18 june 2018

From June 14 to July 15, 2018 the World Cup is held in 11 cities of Russia. For those who are going to watch the games at the stadiums with the whole family,  has compiled a list of the most interesting places that are worth visiting with kids, in each of the cities hosting games in the summer of 2018.


Family Vacation in London: Places to Visit and Things to Do with Kids in London, UK

12 september 2016

Visit the oldest zoo in the world, go to Hogwarts, work at an ice cream factory, meet Jack the Ripper in a dark alley, ride a double-decker or an aqua bus, take a walk inside the caves, go up the royal enclosure at the Wembley Stadium, and a lot more ideas for a family vacation in London - in this review.


Budapest with kids: things to do with children in the capital of Hungary

08 august 2016

What are the best family things to do and see in Budapest? The oldest subway in Europe and the world’s biggest sandglass, a stunt show at a movie studio and a bunker-hospital in a rock, a cogwheel tram and an amphibian bus, children’s playgrounds and caves with stalactites, a zoo, an aquarium, pools and water slides, concerts and theatres, museums and interactive excursions - all in our review of family attractions and activities in Budapest.


Family Vacation in Paris: What to See and Do with Kids in the Capital of France?

13 july 2016

Learn the secrets of great magicians and direct airplanes in the world’s oldest aviation museum, enjoy the attractions at Disneyland, and explore the Pampas of Patagonia, meet the Phantom of the Opera and Quasimodo in a dark and gloomy mansion, go visit Asterix and Obelisk, stroll through all regions of France in one day, and visit a knights jousting tournament - for information about all this and more entertainment in Paris for the whole family read our review.


Family Vacation in New York: What to See and Do with Children in NYC, United States

07 july 2016

Where to take kids on a visit to New York City? Well, maybe spend the night in a museum with dinosaurs and take a ride on a bicycle with square wheels, visit a closed subway station and mount a bridge of the Intrepid aircraft carrier, synchronize a movie and climb the crown on the Statue of Liberty, track down a farm among the high-rises and compare a zoo from the Madagascar cartoon with the real one, taste candy and join a parade – the best ideas of how to spend holidays with kids in New York in our review below. 


Family Vacation in Berlin: Places to Go and Things to Do with Children, Germany

05 july 2016

To see the largest dinosaur skeleton and pass through the Ishtar Gate, descend to a nuclear bombshelter and fly above the city on an air-balloon, take a ride on a dragon in the Legoland and sail on a boat through a cave, walk around the forest with lemurs and chill out on a tropical beach, take a tour of a motion picture studio on a steam locomotive and examine the design of various machines, visit a giant aquarium – these and other ideas for a family vacation in Berlin are presented in our review.   


A Family Beach Vacation in Turkey: Kids-friendly Hotels, Resorts, Attraction and Beaches

15 june 2016

What are the best kids-friendly sand and gravel beaches in Turkey? Which resort is the closest to Pamukkale and Cappadocia? Waterparks, amusement parks and sightseeing attractions are listed and described in our review of the family-friendly resorts in Turkey. All the places mentioned in this review were among the best family hotels named by in 2014.


Family Skiing Vacation in Norway: Ski Resorts for Families with Kids

14 june 2016

Where to take kids skiing in Norway? This review covers six well known ski resorts in Norway, which are suitable for a family vacation: they offer skiing lessons and ski slopes for children, as well as entertainment for the whole family. 


London Museums, Parks and Playgrounds to Visit with Kids, a family vacation in UK

04 may 2016

What to see and where to go for a walk with children in London? Royal treasures and black ravens at the Tower, the prime meridian at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, the Bat Cave and a collection of double-deckers, the home of Sherlock Holmes and the Queen’s golden carriage, playgrounds which look like pirates’ ships and gigantic plants – read all about them in our review of London’s kids-friendly museums and parks.


Things to See in Israel with Kids: Review of Ideas for a Family Vacation in Israel

23 march 2016

What places are worth visiting with children in Israel? There are such options as a crocodile nursery, the Dolphin Reef, an alpaca farm, a camel ranch, an ice palace, parks with suspension bridges, water parks, attractions, museums, and ancient fortresses. This family vacation review encompasses the Central, Northern, and Southern regions of Israel, that offer relaxation options year-round. 


Family Vacation in Jerusalem: Places to Go, Things to See in Israel’s Capital with Kids

29 february 2016

Descend down into the underground tunnel of the Western Wall, pay a visit to the Biblical Zoo, go for a ride on the Time Elevator, check out a multimedia show on the walls of an ancient fortress, study ancient trades that people used to practice, get a taste of the newest technology, view a miniature model of Israel, and much more – find out about all these exciting places and more in our review of family vacation ideas in Jerusalem. 


Family Vacation in Lithuania: the Best Places to Visit with Kids in Vilnius

10 december 2015

What are the best things to do and must see places for a family with kids in Vilnius? Well, one could play and organize archeological digs right inside a museum, descend into an underground royal tomb, ascend up to a the tower of an old castle, ride on a cable-railway or a trolley over a river, try to find a way through a maze, and shoot the “corn machine gun”. All of these and more ideas for a family vacation in Vilnius - in our review below. 


Vacationing with Kids in Kharkov, Ukraine: What to Do with Kids in Kharkov?

27 november 2015

What are the best ways to spend time in Kharkov with kids? In our review, you’ll find out about a waterpark, a dolphin aquarium, zoos, kids performances, exhibitions, and active recreation for the whole family in Kharkov. 


Odessa with Kids: Places to Go and Things to Do with Children in Odessa, Ukraine

27 november 2015

You can go below ground for a tour in the catacombs, count the steps of the Potyomkinskaya Staircase, have a walk along Deribasovskaya Street, set out for the open sea on a day cruiser, and hang out on a bench next to Utyosovy – all of this in the old city of Odessa. Our review includes parks, museums, attractions, a zoo, a dolphinarium, water parks, and many other ways you and your family can enjoy yourselves in Odessa. 


Kids-friendly Restaurants and Cafés in Kiev, Ukraine

24 november 2015

Where should I take my kids in Kiev? The following is a review of Kiev restaurants with kids’ rooms and a kids menu where there is no smoking and you can have a nice dinner with your family. 


Free Museums of London for Children: Free Things To Do with Kids in the Capital of UK

26 october 2015

In London, families with children can: try working at the port, hold a 13-kilogram bar of gold in hand, see a skeleton of a diplodocus and a 30-meter whale, pay a visit to a an Anglo-Saxon tribe, fly a Typhoon jet plane, feel the jolts of an earthquake on a simulators, travel back in time, and find a whole lot more things to do in museums, absolutely for free. 


Oslo with Kids: Things to See and Do on a Family Vacation in the Capital of Norway

01 october 2015

What are the best ways to spend time in, and the funnest places to take kids to in Oslo? Visit the deck of a real polar ship called Fram, visit the hall where the Nobel Prize is awarded, see and learn about Kon Tiki, Viking drakkars and tyrannosaurus skeletons, record a music album, take a picture next to the Royal Palace guard, go on a Fjord tour, try the ski simulator, and more ideas - in our review. 





10 Fun places to visit with kids in Moscow, Russia

01 september 2015

What is the first thing to make sure and visit in Moscow while out with your kids? We’ve chosen ten options for your family that both a child and an adult would enjoy. 


Things to Do with Kids in St. Petersburg: 10 Fun Ideas for a Winter or Summer Vacation in St. Petersburg, Russia

01 september 2015

You can visit the bottom of a sea and a command bridge, end up in a magical forest and animation studio, spend a day at a water park, go on rides on different attractions, and take off and travel all over Russia – we have picked the 10 best options for you to keep in mind while taking your family on vacation in Saint Petersburg. 


Things to do with kids in Novosibirsk, What to See with Kids in Novosibirsk, Russia

01 september 2015

A zoo, a kids car station, and a kids railroad. Interactive museums and theaters for kids, water parks, attractions, and fun centers –all this is part of our overview of the delightful places where you can take your family in Novosibirsk for a good time. 


What to See and Do with Kids in Samara, Kids-friendly Places of Samara, Russia

01 september 2015

Vacationing with your kids in Samara: our review includes kids theaters, museums, parks, and Samara entertainment centers where you can take you child or your family. 


Things to See and Best Places to Visit with Kids in Kazan, Russia

01 september 2015

What museums in Kazan can you find science shows in? What Kazan park can you go visit to have a ride on a kids railroad? Where can you go feed and pet a rabbit or a sheep? Our review tells you it all –from kids theaters, to museums, to attraction parks, all the way up to water attractions and other places of interest in Kazan, where you can spend time with your whole family. 


Things to See in Nizhny Novgorod with Kids: a Guide to Kids-friendly Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

01 september 2015

The ancient Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, an interactive museum, a ropeway, zoos, theaters, a kids railroad, and a planetarium with a real space simulator of a spaceship from the International Space Station: our review fills you in on the cool places that your kids will enjoy in Nizhny Novgorod. 


Ideas of things to do and places to visit on a family trip to Rostov-on-Don, Russia

01 september 2015

What’s to best place to kick back and relax with your family in Rostov? Our review covers museums, theaters, parks and ecology trails, excavations from the ancient city, Kidburg children’s careers town, and water parks in Rostov-on-Don where you can take your kids.