Things to do with kids in Novosibirsk, What to See with Kids in Novosibirsk, Russia

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A zoo, a kids car station, and a kids railroad. Interactive museums and theaters for kids, water parks, attractions, and fun centers –all this is part of our overview of the delightful places where you can take your family in Novosibirsk for a good time. 



Novosibirsk Museums for Kids  

In The Galileo Park of Scientific Attractions, you can walk on the ceiling, out-holler a noisy jet, and try to wind your way out of a mirror maze. The Aims room demonstrates to you how the law of physics work using optical illusions, a bridge with rotating walls, a “Head in a Kettle”, and several dozens of other exhibits will each allow your children to conduct their own person experiments. Phone number: +7 (383) 299-10-40.



Interactive tours for kids about Russian fairy tales are held in The Thrice-Ninth Kingdomе. There, you can roam around in royal tents, the cave of Dragon Gorynych, a magical forest, and a Russian hut. Baba Yaga the witch and Vasilisa sit kids on a Russian oven and teach them how to use an over fork, gather water from a well, and carry a cross beam on their backs. For smaller kids between the age of 2 and a half to 12 years, you can choose an age-appropriate program. For admission to The Thrice-Ninth Kingdome, sign up and schedule a time by calling +7 (383) 220-83-83 or +7 (913) 799-68-86.

В the nature section of the Natural History Museum of Novosibirsk, you can take a look around different effigies of people and birds that inhabit the Novosibirsk Region along with a collection of minerals, rock, and semiprecious stones from malachite to amber gathered there. Thematic educational meetings and tours are held for schoolchildren where they talk about extinct species and how some animals spend the winter and adapt to different natural conditions. You can find out about all the tours by calling +7 (383) 221-70-31.

Pedestrian and even trolley bus tours to different places are organized in The City Museum of Novosibirsk. Game walks are held for younger schoolchildren such as “Visiting the Monsters” on Lenin Square. If your kids are 10 years or older, you can go on a historic walk to “The Quiet Center”, “Alhambra Garden”,  “A Trip to Zakamenka”, or “The Hooligan Walk”. On the trolley bus tour, they tell stories about the lives of interesting people who used to live there and the founders of the city of Novosibirsk. You can sign up for a tour ahead of time by calling  +7 (383) 222-67-42.



Old telephones, receivers, and senders are collected in the Communication Museum of Siberia in the Central Post Office building. On the tour, they tell you about the development of communication technology in the XX country and how it came about in Novosibirsk. They also allow you to pick up many of the exhibits there and check them out hands on. Visiting the museum is free but you need to call and schedule a time beforehand at: +7 (383) 218-88-30.

The Aviation and Space Museum is open on the 4th floor of the Aerоspace College. Included in its collection are a map of constellations and a multitude of airplane, rocket, spaceport, and space simulation trainer models made by graduates of the college. There’s also a space suit you can check out there, a spaceman’s 10-day menu, and the “space food” itself. The Museum’s phone number is: +7 (383) 279-21-23.

In The Sun Museum in Academic Town, you can listen to the legends of different peoples and meet the “traditions” they had regarding the sun. Collected in the museum is several thousand images of the Sun and also there are people playing on Slavic musical instruments –sematrons. Tours must be scheduled in advance. The phone numbers of the museum are: +7 (383) 339-91-26 and +7 (383) 332-35-96.

There is paid admission to The Novosibirsk Planetarium at The Kamyshensky Waterhole. They have movies about the stars, planets, and galaxies in the Star Hall and at the exhibition you can check out black hole modes, try to solve a space riddle, and see the Fuko pendulum in the tower. The planetarium’s phone numbers are: +7 (383) 347-77-07 and +7 (383) 347-77-11.



Children’s Theaters in Novosibirsk 

They hold classical “Swan Lake” ballet performances and “Prince Igor” operas in the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater. There are children’s operas as well in their repertoire, such as “Tower, Little Tower” and “The Sturdy Tin Soldier”, not to mention “The Three Pigs”. Children over 3 years old can be left under the watch of a nanny in the game room temporarily during an evening show with games, movies, and books.   

Shows for the whole family can be seen in Globus Theater. With preschoolers, you can watch such presentations as “Dennis’ Stories”, “Know-it-all Rabbit”, “Pollyanna”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and “Little Chestnut”. With a little bit older kids you can see “Scarlet Sails”, “Turbiny Days”, and “The Twelfth Night”. 



In The Musical Comedy Theater of Novosibirsk, there are family shows, such as operettas “Bayadera” and “Mr. X.”, musicals like “12 chairs”, and comedies “Aunt Charlea” and “Truffaldino”. For preschoolers, they put on about 10 shows like: “The Flying Ship”, “Cat House”, “The Magician of the Emerald City”, and other fairy tales. 

You can watch puppet shows for small children in Stanislavsky Theater on the left bay. For the smallest of children, they have shows about Chuck the Pig, The Golden Check, and Little Tower as well as a show great for the whole family “Puppet Concert”. 



Puppet shows are held in the Novosibirsk Regional Puppet Theater. For children of 3 years and older they hold “Funny Stories”, “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats”, and “A Trip to Chukkala”. For kids over 5 years old, they have shows about Cheburashka, The Cat in the Snow Boots, and The Frog Princess. As for kids 7 and over, they have dance show “The World We Live in” and the fantasy show “Obinushka, Queen Ob”. 


The Novosibirsk Zoo, the Dolphin Tank in Novosibirsk 

Inhabiting the Novosibirsk Zoo is over 11000 animals and birds. There, you can see lions, leopards, wolves, hedgehogs, macaques, pygmy monkeys –a tamarin and even ligers. The zoo also has themed festivities such as Amur Bay Tiger Day or Deer Day with an entertaining program for kids. In the summer time, you can take a ride through the zoo on a Cinderella carriage.     

The Dolphin Tank is promised to be opened on the territory of the zoo in 2013, but the expected date of its opening have been moved back and the exact date is currently unknown. 


Where’s a good place to go for a walk in Novosibirsk? Novosibirsk Parks and Attractions 

In the city center, you can go for a walk in Pervomaysk Square, where there are sculptures and fountains. During holidays they organize city walks and events there and in the winter time, they hold the Siberian Snow Sculpture Festival. 

In the summer time, you can ride roller coasters in Novosibirsk Central Park. There they have about 50 attractions for the whole family as well as an open air stage, a café, and puppet theater “Nursery Rhymes”. 



In Birch Meadow Cultural and Recreational Park, attractions are open to the whole family in Country Park and at rope park Baloo. There you can go for a walk through the avenues, feed some squirrels, chill out at the café or a fountain, and in the winter time they pave out a skiing track in the park.  

And in Pine Wood Cultural and Recreational Park, there is a horse club, a paintball club, a shooting gallery, and a shop where you can rent sporting goods. In the summer time, you can ride roller coasters there and bikes and in the winter, you can go skiing. During holidays they hold city walks. 



You can set up a picnic in the summer and go skiing in the winter in Zaelcovsky Park. In the winter they set up a snow town and open up a skating rink and in the summer they shoot targets in a shooting range, play paintball, and ride bikes (they rent roller skates and pedal cars). 

The Kids Railroad in Zaelcevsky Park works starting in the beginning of June up to the end of September. The train takes course between the Zoo, Sportivnaya, and Zaelcevsky Park stations. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and after the “trip” you can go on into the café at the station. 



In the Kids Car Station, they have organized a real “raceway” with stoplights, road signs, junctions, overpasses, and cross walks. Children can ride their bikes there as well as pedal cars and scooters. The smallest children can go play in the sandbox and on the playground or ride one of the attractions. 


Novosibirsk Child Recreation Centers 

You can find kids merry-go-rounds, video games, and video simulators in Funky Town in Sun City Mall and Funky Town in Golden Park Mall. In two malls, there are three level mazes, motor racing tracks, and kid trains. 



Large them park Cosmic is open in Aura Mall. You can go play in the video simulators and prize games, climb around in the labyrinth, and play bowling. After the game, you can have lunch in Pea family café. 

In Crazy Park, you go play mini bowling, video games, and ride kids roller coasters too in Siberian Mall. There is a maze open of with hills and a waterless pool. The other Novosibirsk Crazy Park is located in MEGA shopping center.



Continentalia Land kids centers are open on the right and the left bay of the Obi. They contain racing simulators on motorcycles and cars, air hockey, basketball, and prize machines. For the smallest of kids, there is a game room with developmental games, hills, balls, and tents. 


Outdoor Activities in Novosibirsk with Your Children 

Two water slides are open year round in Aqua City sauna. You can slide ride down into the big pool off of the slide or jump off the diving board. After that, you can heat up in the sauna or play table football or air hockey. For children in Aqua City is a separate, smaller pool and a little area where they can play around and draw. 

In the summer time Leader Land opens up a pool with two water slides as well. For kids, there is a small playground with a sandbox and a slide. You can even play volleyball and badminton there. In the winter, Leader Land paves out an ice rink. You can read about Novosibirsk ice rinks in our review.



Zaelcevsky Park also has high altitude town “Chicken?!” in operation. There are two raceways paves out here: a kids one at a height of under 3 meters and a family one over 3 meters. On two raceways, you will have to move through logs pointing in different directions, Burma bridge, parallel ropes, and other obstacles. In the end, you take a trolley back down. The park’s hours of operation can be found out by calling: +7 (383) 310-46-05.

Another rope town, Baloo Forest Extreme Park is located in Birch Meadow. Race tracks are located at a height of between 1 and 7 meters. The “yellow” kids racetrack is located one meter off the ground, the “green” family racetrack is 3-4 meters off the ground, and the highest is the “red” 7-meter racetrack, where teenagers and adults are allowed to ride. Baloo park’s phone numbers are: +7 (923) 111-28-58 and +7 (923) 111-55-59.

In Quantum Bowling Center, they let children play with light balls and for small children, they set out special bumpers. You can also play air hockey there and climb around the 3-level labyrinth. Quantum’s phone numbers are: +7 (383) 208-10-00 and +7 (383) 208-09-99.

You can play bowling with your kids in Apollo 24 center, where there are lanes with bumpers for kids. A game labyrinth and attractions are also open and video simulators for kids that are a little bit older. Phone numbers are: +7 (383) 353-99-99 and +7 (383) 351-88-99.

They organize bowling for adults and kids in M-61 sports leisure center. There are lanes with bumpers for kids there and for those who like speed, they have go carts (kids under 18 need written permission from their parents). The phone number for M-61 center is: +7 (383) 334-00-11.



Laser tag Portal 54 is open on two bays of the Obi. In arena Portal 54, on the right bay 24 people can play at the same time and on the left bay in Portal 54 up to 14 people can fit in one game. You don’t leave the “laser battle” with any marks or bruises and for those who need more, there’s a shooting gallery and air hockey. The phone number for laser tag on the left bay is: +7 (383) 299-54-54 and the phone number for laser tag in the right bay: +7 (383) 239-39-21.


Events in Novosibirsk for the whole family are collected in our kids event poster.


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