Pictures of the Dubai Creek Park, the Children City, and the Planetarium in UAE

12.05.2015 2037

Learn more about: The Dubai Creek Park in Dubai, UAE

The photo review if the Creek Park in Dubai, UAE. The park includes not only green walking trails and the Dubai-Creek seashore, but also several kids-friendly places: the Children City with the Planetarium, a game room, the Museum for Small Explorers, where everything can be touched and turned on, the Ethnographic Museum, the dolphinarium, jumping castles, slopes and children's playgrounds.

Visitors can also ride a camel or a donkey or drive in a carriage run by horses. At the seashore it is possible to watch yachts, sportsmen riding water skies and airplanes landing on the water. A ropeway leads to the Dubai-Creek bay. The park is open daily from 8:00 to 23:00, tickets cost 5 AED (in 2015). All attractions and museums request a small additional fee.

In the Museum for Small Explorers children can see different parts of the body enlarged by a microscope, explore the world though an animal's eyes, play different musical instruments, learn something about the human body, start real planes, helicopters and robots, try to be pilots or telegraphists, learn the Morse alphabet, look inside the giant computer etc.

There is a cafe at the museum with an open terrace, but the quality of food is not very good, so it may be better to bring something to eat from home.

Photo and text: Nadezhda Al Isavi,