Photos from a family trip to Verona, Italy

11.05.2012 818

Photos from a walk around Verona with children. Verona is a small city with a long history. For a lot of people, Verona associates with the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, all who come to this city, first of all, go to the courtyard of Juliet (see photo 1-3), then to Piazza Bra with the famous Arena di Verona - the amphitheater (photo 4), where gladiatorial fights were held, circus performances, and now opera festivals - and then to museums.

In Verona between May and October, on the first Sunday of the month,  entrance is to the Teatro Romano, Casa di Giulietta, Muzeo Lapidario Maffeiano. In the Arena, entrance fees decrease to 1€, to the museum - to 4, in the garden of Giusti - to 6€. The Arena has many mimes (photo 5), which for a 1€ coin will entertain children and adults.

The Adige River flows through the city in spring and summer. Equipe d'Acqua Viva organizes rafting downstream (photo 6), which makes it possible to see the city from unusual angles. Above the river are many bridges connecting different parts of the city, so Castelvecchio was built (photo 7) - the old castle, from there a stunning view of the city opens up. If you do not like extreme sports, then you can rent a bicycle and the whole company to conduct a sightseeing tour around the city with a breeze.

Verona is very easygoing, no one is in a hurry. For those keen on shopping - photo 8, and kids waiting - photo 9. And for those who do not like to go shopping - you can look into Giusti's garden (photo 10-22), it's like an open-air greenhouse, citrus and pomegranates grow there, you can walk through the labyrinths of bushes to admire and pat the turtles in the fountains, and see goldfish and huge carp. Enjoy the singing of birds and see other living creatures that dwell here.

There are many small squares in Verona, most have columns and other obstacles, which fun for children to play on (photo 24-27).

When you want to have a bite after a rich cultural program, you can safely go to any cafes and restaurants (photo 28), there are always a variety of pastas and pizzas, well, and if you want a special Verona dish, then ask nioki-potato dumplings with a variety of sauces and risotto. For dessert, it's better to go over the Ponte Nuovo del Popolo bridge (photo 28) to Ballini's galateria (ice cream parlor) and taste the best ice cream in the city (photo 30).

Photo: Ponarina Natalia. Publication-participant of the contest of photo-reviews from the magazine and the Academy of Photography, supported by the Russian Union of Photographs.