Pictures of lake Garda and the towns of Arco and Garda, active liesure in Northern Italy

27.06.2013 1377

This is a photo review of the lake Garda area and the towns of Arco and Garda in northern Italy.

Arco is a small town in northern Italy which attracts tourists from Europe. Here you don't feel visiting one big museum, as in Rome, don't go shopping, as in Milan and see no Venetian gondolas, but you have something - rocks. A lot of rocks. Professionals and amateurs will find an opportunity for active recreation here. There is even a climbing route for blind people next to the town. Absolute beginners can start with the Via Ferrata route.

After rocks and Italian "gelato" visit Garda, a small town by the lake. The water color in the lake is the biggest surprise for tourists. It is blue just as in a sea. A cozy grass beach finishes an idyllic picture - children won't let you leave. Kilometers of cycling routs are built around Garda. Windsurfing, kite and diving are also offered here.

Photo and text: Maria Iaemurd.