10 Fun places to visit with kids in Moscow, Russia

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What is the first thing to make sure and visit in Moscow while out with your kids? We’ve chosen ten options for your family that both a child and an adult would enjoy. 

1. Get acquainted with the history of the city. In a panorama museum called The Battle of Borodino, kids get to put on a soldier’s uniform and learn about the war of 1812. In Secret Press, they show children an apartment from the 20th century as well as a secret room in the basement, where they used to hide a printing machine. They teach you to light a wicker and a kerosene lamp in the thematic halls of museum Moscow Lights. In Bunker 42 kids are shown underground work chambers and living quarters equipped with bare necessities as early as the beginning of the Cold War.



You can read about 12 Kids History Museums in Moscow in our review.

2. Become a scientist and conduct experiments in a scientific research museum. Experimentanium, for example, features a Soap Bubble hall and an Acoustics Hall with musical instruments, a mirror labyrinth and magnet arc, as well as a tube transfer system, and a “Yogi chair” where you can sit on nails. On the first floor of InnoPark, they do hours and workshops with chemical and physical experiments and open on the second floor is a fun room with a construction set and warped mirrors. Then in Eureka Park, they organize science games, magician and detective trainings, and robotics and ornithology lessons for kids. Also, we have written in previous reviews on unusual and interactive museums for the whole family.


3. Voyage into space. They offer to take you on a mission to the “red planet” in interactorium Mars-Terraforming in the All-Russian Exhibition Center. There kids can control a Mars land rover, explore the surface of a planet and the minerals found on it, and change their meal schedule on the Martian station.  You can also visit a space Space Museum at the All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy where kids will find out interesting facts about life on a space station and they get to see how a space simulator works as well as what astronauts eat where there is no gravity. They play films about space on the dome ceiling at the Moscow Planetarium and after the show it’s worth stopping by the interactive exhibition at Lunarium museum and taking a ride on a space bike. You can read about other interactive tours in Moscow in our review.



4. Find yourself in a fairy tale and become a character. At Buratino-Pinocchio Museum, kids look for the Golden Key in a pond along with the characters from these stories, look for a way out of a closet, visit Malvina, and play a role in a real show. In Jili-Bili fairy tale house, kids turn into characters from Russian fairy tales, ignite a fire with stones, climb through a “burning” oven, and wear a tunic with a belt. You can read about interactive performances and puppet shows for kids here.


5. Check out animal in the Moscow Zoo. Living in the largest zoo in the country are elephants, gorillas, polar bears, Bengal tigers, giraffes, and zebras. At the pond you can see dozens of species of birds and in the reptile house – snakes, crocodiles, lizards, and turtles. They do shows in the dolphinarium year round and from May to November the dolphins perform outside.



You can check out fish, crabs, jellyfish, manta rays, and other sea inhabitants in an oceanarium like Rio Mall or Clearwater Ponds. Located in the All-Russian Exhibition Center is the Moscow Butterfly House, which maintains a tropical climate under a dome and features butterflies fluttering from plant to plant. Sometimes they even land on the visitors. The addresses of all “animal venues” of Moscow are listed in our directory.


6. Go for a swim and ride down slides in one of already four Moscow water parks: Qwa-Qwa Park in Mytischi, The Carribean in Perovo (Eastern Administrative Okrug), Fantasy Park in Maryino, and Moreon in Yasenevo. In all of the waterparks are family and extreme water slides, fun towns for kids, wave pools, and spa zones with saunas. Also open to visitors in Moscow are the pools of outdoor complexes Lujniki and Olympiysky, where famous athletes have set world records. You can find out more about pools and waterparks in this review.



7. Go for a walk in a park. Year round in the largest parks of Moscow, you will find entertainment for the whole family: in winter they pave skiing courses, ice rinks, and slides and in the summer they open attractions, boat docks, and bicycles courses. All major holidays, the parks organize festivities, including programs for kids as well, from Maslenitsa to New Year’s to the city’s birthday. You should consider taking a walk in at least one of them, for example Gorky Park or Park Sokolniki, in Vorobyev Hills or Museon, in Fili Culture and Recreation Park or KuzminkiBauman Garden or the Hermitage garden. All parks of Moscow are listed in our directory



8. Go ride some attractions open in parks during the warm season and in entertainment centers year round. The biggest Ferris wheel in Moscow with a height of 73 meters is located on the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. The Kids Railroad of the Moscow Region operates in the summer time between Zhukovsky and Kratovo village and working on the train are cashiers, engineers, and dispatchers between the ages of 10 and 15. Attractions, fun centers, video game machines, and prize machines of all kinds can be found in entertainment centers HappylonCrazy ParkCosmicGame ZoneIgromax, and others.


9. Get creative. Open for children in modern arts centers FlaconVinzavod, and Garage, creative workshops with one-day trainings and whole courses. There they teach people to draw and create cartoons and also do painting, pottery, and decoupage. Interactive exhibitions constantly come and go in the art venues, some of which are entertaining for the whole family. On the weekends there they organize thematic festivities and fairs. We have written about the galleries and art museums of Moscow with activities for kids in this review.


10. Learn a profession at Masterslavl. The craftsmen town has not yet opened, but Professions Block and Masterslavl regularly appear at large exhibitions of products and services for kids. They promise that when it opens, kids will be able to work in police stations, fire stations, banks, repair shops, train stations, theaters, and landscaping services as well as 60 more places where kids will be able to learn about a hundred professions.



Kids events are listed for every day of the week in our Moscow events guide.


Photos: kidsreview.ru, vk.com/masterslavl


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