Pictures of the Puusti bakery cafe in downtown Tampere, Finland

09.01.2019 376

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Puusti cafe is conveniently located right across the street from the Tampere Talo, and it is the perfect coffee stop after a wholesome visit to the Moomin Museum or the Philharmonic Orchestra. This bakery is known for its delicious cinnamon buns, which are freshly baked 3 times a day. The cafe is a family run business, which visitors can sense right as the enter its unique and authentic atmosphere: blankets, candles, pillows, hand-made decorations.

We had the pleasure of visiting Puusti in December 2018 and know that the owner has her eyes set on a specific goal: to make the best cinnamon buns in Finland. And our 8 year old tester thought that they already are :)

Photo: Victoria Krasilshikova.