Photo: shopping centers, department stores, and children's shops in Finland

Photos from the Panda chocolate factory store in Jyväskylä, Finland (14)

Photos from the Panda factory shop in Jyväskylä, Finland.


Photo: Zakhar Petrov.

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Petits Tresors toy shop, Turku, Finland, photo (13)

Photo review of Petits Tresors toy store in Turku.


Photo: Dasha Saulskaia

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Photo of the Itis Shopping Mall and its Leikkiasema Play Zone for kids, Helsinki, Finland (29)

Photo of the Itis Shopping Mall, which is located at Itäkatu 1-7. The Shopping Center has a Play Room for young kids on the second floor.


Photo: Zahar Petrov

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The Angry Birds Activity Park located in Holiday Club Saimaa, Lappeenranta, Finland, photo (35)

Фото парка развлечений для всей семьи Angry Birds Activity Park, расположенного в ТЦ Capri на территории Holiday Club Saimaa, Лаппеенранта, Финляндия.


Фото: Даша Саульская

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Lähetyssoppi, missionary shop of hand-made souvenirs in Lappenranta, Finland, photo (10)


Фото миссионерского магазина Lähetyssoppi, расположенного в центре Лаппеенранты (Финляндия) по адресу ул. Коулукату 10А (напротив ТЦ Armada).



Фото: Даша Саульская

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In this section we publish photo reviews of shopping centers and malls, department stores, and children's shops in Finland.