Photo: kids-friendly cafes and restaurants in Finland

Pictures of the Puusti bakery cafe in downtown Tampere, Finland (30)

Puusti cafe is conveniently located right across the street from the Tampere Talo, and it is the perfect coffee stop after a wholesome visit to the Moomin Museum or the Philharmonic Orchestra. This bakery is known for its delicious cinnamon buns, which are freshly baked 3 times a day. The cafe is a family run business, which visitors can sense right as the enter its unique and authentic atmosphere: blankets, candles, pillows, hand-made decorations.

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Photos of the Sibelius Park and the Regatta Cafe in Helsinki, Finland (26)

These shots of the Sibelius Park and Monument and the Regatta Cafe were taken in January 2018. The park is lit at night and the monument has a special glow. The Regatta Cafe is open every day. It is a kids-friendly and dog-friendly cafe. The cafe's interior and courtyard are decorated with many beautiful, cute and special objects (including candles, a swing, an old Soviet car, skiing gear, etc.).

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Closed: Photo of the Mumin Kaffe coffee shop in central Helsinki with a play and book reading space for kids (23)

Photo-review of the Mumin Kaffe coffee shop with kids playroom and Moomin books reading space in Helsinki.

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Photo of the Fazer Visitor Center in Vantaa, Finland (15)

Our photoreview of the Fazer Visitor Centre (Fazer Vierailukeskus) in Vantaa (Helsinki region). The center is located next to one of the Fazer factories and mills, where sweets and bread are still produced today. The plant has its own water source (production requires as much water as a small town). The energy needed for lightning of the Visitor Centre is produced from recycled waste from own bakery. In the future, the plant plans to fully switch to renewable energy.

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Photo review of the Rantaraitti waterfront walkway, the Mellsten Cafe and the Haukilahden Paviljonki in Espoo, Finland (36)

Photo review of the Rantaraitti waterfront walkway, the Mellsten Cafe and the Haukilahden Paviljonki in Espoo by Zahar Petrov.

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Photo review of Hotel Sokos Alexandra and Fransmanni restaurant in Jyväskylä, Finland (51)

Photos of the hotel Alexandra, located at 35 Hannikaisenkatu in the center of Jyväskylä. The hotel is a part of the Sokos chain, it offers rooms of various comfort levels, each with a TV, a mini-bar, a safe, a hair dryer, and ironing facilities.

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Photorеview of the Eden Hotel with a spa and aquapark in Nallikari, Oulu, Northern Finland (67)

Photorеview of the Eden Hotel in Nallikari, Oulu, Northern Finland. The hotel is a part of the Break Sokos Hotels network; there are several restaurants and bars, a spa, two gyms and a hall for dancing and aerobics.

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Photoreview of the Liminganlahti Ornithology Station and Natural Centre in Liminka Bay, Oulu Region, Finland (63)

Photoreview of the of the Liminganlahti Birdwatching Station and Visitor Center, which is located in the Liminka Bay area, not far from Oulu. Liminganlahti is a wetland on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia, there are 5 towers for bird watching on the territory, a Nature Center telling a story about the birds of the region, a small family-friendly hotel with sauna, and restaurant.

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The Tuba family cafe in Oulu, Northern Finland (13)

Photoreview of the Tuba family cafe in Oulu, Northern Finland. The cafe opened in 2013. It is located on the first floor of a student dormitory on Mannenkatu 2. Burgers, soups, salads, ethnic cuisine of different countries, freshly squeezed juices are served, a children's menu and highchairs are available.

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A Kids-friendly Hotel in the Center of Turku: Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs, Finland (32)

Photoreview of the Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs located in Turku city center, Finland.

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A collection of photos of kids-friendly restaurants in Finland: restaurants with playrooms for children, cafés with children's menus and toys, bakeries for the whole families