Photos of castles and fortresses in Europe and other parts of the world

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Images of Kronborg Castle, the home of Shakespeare's Hamlet in Helsingør, Denmark (18)

This is our photoreview of the Kronborg Castle, which is the famous home of Shakespeare's Hamlet and a UNESCO site in Helsingør. Sweden right across the Sound and ferries run back and forth every 15 minutes. In and around the castle there are plenty of picnic areas. There are also cafes and playgrounds for children. It is possible to go swimming or even fishing right by the walls of the castle.

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Photoreview of Kärnan Tower and Museum in Helsingborg, Sweden (19)

Photos of the Kärnan tower and museum in Helsingborg. The entrance fee to the museum includes audio guide rental. From the observation deck at the top of the tower visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the city, the harbor, the Strait and Denmark on the other side the strait. There is no elevator in the tower, but there is a small souvenir shop on the first floor. The museum is open only in the warm season.

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Pictures of the Castle in Rakvere, Estonia (38)

Photoreview of the Castle in Rakvere, Estonia.

By Petrov Zakhar

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Photoreview of the Narva Castle and Museum, the Northern Courtyard and the Rondeel restaurant in Narva, Estonia (49)

Photoreview of the Narva Castle and Museum, the Northern Courtyard and the Rondeel Restaurant in Narva, Estonia.

By Petrov Zahar

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Photoreview of the Pena Palace, а castle and a park in the Sintra hills near Lisbon, Portugal (14)

Photoreview of the Pena Palace, а castle and a park in the Sintra hills near Lisbon, Portugal.


Photo: Maks Markov

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Photo review of the Waddesdon Manor, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (31)

Photo review of the Uoddesdon estate, located in the Buckinghamshire County, United Kingdom. The house was built in the Renaissance style between 1874 and 1889 by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. The mansion is surrounded by a garden in the formal style of English landscape parks, it was built on a deserted hilltop overlooking the village Uoddesdon.

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Photo of Warwick Castle on the river Avon, England (50)

Images of the Warwick Castle, which was built by William the Conqueror in 1068 on the river Avon in Warwickshire. Before 1978 the castle was a private property, now the Merlin Entertainments corporation owns it. Historical reconstructions are held at the castle, the topic depends on the season. Visitors can also see domesticated wild birds, a catapult and a trebuchet, walk in the peacock garden or along the river, climb the walls of the castle, enter the Princess' tower or go down to the dungeon.

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Photo of the Kolossi Castle in Limassol, Cyprus (31)

The photos of the Kolossi Castle - a museum complex located 10 kilometers from Limassol, in Kolossi village.


Photo: Daria Saulskaia

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Photo of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey (35)

This is a photo review of the Topkapi Palace, the main residence of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire until the middle of the XIX century. Today the palace is a museum and one of the main Istanbul sights.

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Photos of the Trakai Island Castle Museum in Lithuania (35)

This photo review is the result of a visit to the Trakai medieval castle. Trakai is a famous city located in 27 kilometers away from the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, so it is a convenient a day trip from there. Only half an hour drive in a shuttle bus - and you find yourself in a cozy and pretty town, which is a pearl of the so-called "lake region" of Lithuania.

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Photos of castles and fortresses located in Europe. The album also contains photographs of various fortification objects from other parts of the world.