Vallisaari island, seaside park, walking trail, events venue, guest harbour, cafes and restaurants in Helsinki, Finland

Finland, Helsinki, Vallisaari island
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Vallisaari and the connected Kuninkaansaari islands are located next to the Suomenlinna fortress, just 20 minutes by boat from the Market Square, and are a good day trip destination for families with kids from Helsinki city center. Dogs are allowed on the island and on the connecting boat lines.

Vallisaari functions as a venue for such events as Helsinki Bienalli. The island has a circular 3 km walking trail, cafes and restaurants, picnic tables and restrooms, a guest harbour, and offers splendid views of the sea and old military fortifications. The Kuninkaansaari Island Tour walking trail is 2.5 km long.

It is possible to spend the night at Vallisaari in the Archipelago Igloo, in the TreeTents EcoCamp. The Transformer or Lataamo tents are accepting guests on Kuninkannsari. The islands are home to the richest range of species in the metropolitan area, including bats (Chiroptera), badgers (Meles meles), as well as lush vegetation teeming with birdlife.

The islands welcomes visitors in the summer season.

Last updated 05.08.2023

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