The Nuuksio National Park in Espoo, Finland
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Finland, Nuuksio National Park
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The Nuuksio National Park in Espoo is located not far from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The park occupies a territory of 53 sq. km, which is mostly covered by swamps, pine forests, canyons, steep cliffs, and over 80 small lakes.

Not far from the park is the Haltia Nature Center, where visitors are offers tours and various programs for active leisure in the area. In the north, the park encompasses the Luukki outdoor area and and Serena resort.

The park has over 22 km of walking trails, horse trails, birdwatching towers, over 30 km of bike trails. There is also ice climbing in the winter and rock-climbing in the summer in the park. Cross-country skiing trails are maintained in the winter season.


Last updated 27.03.2024

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Finland, Espoo, Luukintie 33
+358 050 351 ...
Finland, Espoo, Korpilammentie 5
+358 (0)9 61 ...
Espoo, Nuuksiontie 84
+358 40 163 ...
Finland, Espoo, Nuuksiontie 83
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Espoo, Tornimäentie 10
+ 358 9 8870 ...
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Photo review of the Päivättärenpolku and Maahisenkierros walking trails near the Haltia Nature Center in Espoo, Finland (17)

The Päivättärenpolku and Maahisenkierros walking trails start near the Haltia Nature Center in Espoo. The Päivättärenpolku circular trail has a connection trail to the main entrance of the Nuuksio National Park at Haukkalampi. The Nuuksio National Park in located to the Northwest of Helsinki. The park was founded in 1994, and it is one of the 39 national parks in Finland, open to the general public free of charge.

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